Urbanková’s daughter confirmed the doctor’s words: How did the condition of the legendary actress change?

5 Jana Fabiánová and Naďa Urbanková Naďa Urbanková ended up in the hospital a few days ago with a severe course of covid, and due to her age, her relatives and fans were very worried about her. The singer’s daughter Jana Fabiánová asked for prayers on the social network, but a day later she contacted … Read more

Reasons for Cervical Cancer to be the Second Highest Case for Women

Jakarta: Cervical cancer is a scourge for women. Because women are most at risk of experiencing this disease. This fact was stated in a survey in Indonesia, that cervical cancer is in second place as the most risky cancer for women. Cervical cancer has the most cases after breast cancer, namely around 36,333 new cases … Read more

Lody participates in pilot population study for lung cancer: ‘I smoked half a pack a day for 40 years’

Thousands of heavy smokers will be screened for lung cancer for the first time this week. It is an experiment that may lead to a large population study. Lody Crabbendam is also participating: “I like to help science with it.” Radiologist Dr. Alexander Schmitz of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AVL) in Amsterdam performed a trial … Read more

Diagnosed high fever kills cancer cells? The reporter’s father “3 months left in the terminal stage of gallbladder cancer” miraculously recovered after being infected | Health | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by Chen Jialing ▲The father of a reporter from Southern Weekly, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had only three months to live. Unexpectedly, he recovered miraculously after contracting the epidemic. (Picture/Recap from Southern Weekend) The multiple symptoms of the new coronavirus, such as fever, muscle aches, fatigue, general weakness, cough, … Read more

Libra predictions today, Monday.. emotionally, professionally, and healthily

Born in the sign of Libra, he is known as the best friend, because he deals with his friends as if he deals with himself. He is always present with them in difficult situations before happy ones. He does not skimp on his friends by giving advice that if he was in the same situation … Read more

More than 8000 Indonesian Children Suffer from Cancer Based on WHO Research

MORE out of 8,000 Indonesian children suffer from cancer, this was obtained based on research from the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer. They recorded that there were 8,677 Indonesian children aged 0-14 years who had cancer in 2020. This number is among the largest in Southeast Asia. Quoted from Republika, Pediatrician RSIY PDHI, … Read more

Annie Wersching, actress of “24” and “Runaways”, dies of cancer at the age of 45

Los Angeles, USA Actress Annie Wersching, best known for playing FBI agent Renee Walker in the series “24” and voicing Tess in the video game “The Last of Us,” died this Sunday. She was 45 years old. Wersching died in Los Angeles on Sunday morning of cancer, his public relations agent told The Associated Press. … Read more

Actress Annie Wersching dies of cancer aged 45

Actress Annie Wersching, known for her roles in the television series 24, Bosch and Timeless, died of cancer early Sunday, Hollywood webzine ‘Deadline’ reported. She was 45 years old. She continued to tour even after her cancer diagnosis in 2020, playing prominent roles in Star Trek: Picard as the Borg Queen in Season 2, and … Read more

Using bottle brush particles, researchers can identify and deliver synergistic combinations of cancer drugs. —

Treating cancer with drug combinations may be more effective than using a single drug. However, it can be difficult to determine the optimal combination of medications and to ensure that all medications get to the right place. To help address these challenges, chemists at MIT designed a bottle brush-shaped nanoparticle that can be loaded with … Read more