🧬 New method provides faster detection of cancer

An international research team has developed a method to detect cancer tumors earlier than with today’s methods. The method involves going through tissue that appears healthy and looking for the genetic code that tumors have. The technique is called spatial transcriptomics and it offers clear advantages compared to today’s method, which involves studying tissue under … Read more

Be sure to try it! If you mix the two… – Health News

Yogurt is one of the most frequently used foods in Turkish cuisines. Many people do not sit at the table without yogurt. The benefits of yogurt for diseases and skin are known. However, the benefits of yoghurt and cumin mixture are unknown. You will be very surprised when you hear the benefits of cumin that … Read more

Keeps the brain young, reduces the risk of cancer! Natural probiotic, for those who eat it every day…

Nutritional psychiatrist, brain specialist, and Harvard Medical School faculty member Dr. Uma Naidoo explained the food she consumes and the vitamin she takes regularly to keep her brain young and healthy. Dr. Uma Naidoo says, “As we age, the risk of developing neurological diseases increases. A question I often get from my patients is, ‘Which … Read more

Bowel Cancer: These Symptoms of Stomach Pain Are Worth Watching

BOGOR ISSUES – Cancer intestine is one of four cancer most common in the UK beside cancer breast, prostate, and lung; of that amount, cancer intestine is the fourth most common. Cancer intestine recently made headlines in several countries. While everyone should thoroughly check their poop for signs of illness, the symptoms aren’t just limited … Read more

Soghra had cancer all over her body but was only prescribed alvedon

NewsFor nine months, Soghra Sayadirad fought for her medical center in Partille to give her an X-ray appointment. Instead, she was given alvedon for her chest pains. After being x-rayed by another health care provider, she received her death sentence: The pain was cancer and she only had months to live. Now the family has … Read more

13 Causes of Bumps on the Neck and How to Overcome It, Must Be Listened

1. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a group of white blood cell cancers that can cause lumps in the neck. These classic B symptoms include fever, night sweats, and involuntary weight loss. Other symptoms that may occur include painlessness, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, skin rash, itching, fatigue, and abdominal swelling. 2. Thyroid … Read more

2 years left of cancer cure.. Marriage → Hospital trip with abnormal symptoms → Unexpected news ‘fever’ (‘Wedding’) [어저께TV]

[OSEN=김수형 기자] In ‘Oh My Wedding’, the miraculous story of a couple who had 2 years left to recover after battling cancer was revealed. On the 14th, SBS ‘Oh! My wedding’ miraculous news was delivered. At the time of the first wedding, the bride Jang Ji-rim and the groom Hwang Do-yeon appeared, who said that … Read more

Climate crisis increases the risk of skin cancer – Joop

• Yesterday • reading time 1 minutes • 971 views • keep The higher temperatures resulting from the climate crisis increase the risk of skin cancer. According to experts, there is a danger that people are exposed to more UV radiation, meldt The Guardian. “I am certainly concerned that hotter summers will lead to more … Read more