VIDEO: Explosion in a chocolate factory. He razed the candy factory to the ground

Updated 15:38, 25/03/2023 25. 3. 2023, 07:23 A massive explosion rocked the American city of Reading on Friday. Around five o’clock in the afternoon, the chocolate factory there exploded. The accident claimed five lives and eight were injured. Another six people are still missing. A quiet Friday afternoon in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, … Read more

Peru anime Plaza Norte Friki Festival Candy Candy Gohan Dragon Ball in Lima actors dubbing voice concerts comic manga video games K pop cosplay | Cecilia Gispert | Luis Manuel Ávila Junior P. Luche | jade | IMP | PRESENT

In Lima it is being carried out one of the largest comic, manga and anime themed events in the country. Is he Geek Festival, that presents characters that for years accompanied and are still present in the memory of millions of people (Candy, Dibu, Gohan, among others), also live concerts, cosplayer contests, singing, K-pop And … Read more

Business, Economy | Earning fat on candy and pizza: These have the highest margins in the grocery industry

(The online newspaper🙂 Orkla’s chairman Stein Erik Hagen has come out hard against the Government this week, and says he understands the “rich” who move to Switzerland. – Støre can easily do something about it, by living up to Einar Gerhardsen’s rhetoric and long-term line: We must create to share, Hagen told VG earlier this … Read more

It is said that Microsoft’s dual-screen mobile phone is no longer playing: the development of Surface Duo 3 has been cancelled, and it has been changed to a folding screen and a traditional candy bar phone

It was previously reported that Microsoft had stopped producing its Surface Duo 2 dual-screen mobile phone, and the latest news from Windows Central stated that the follow-up Surface Duo 3 has also been cancelled. Microsoft’s next foldable Surface phone won’t be a dual-screen device, according to a source familiar with the company’s plans. After years … Read more

Don’t let it through the kitchen door: it rots your heart! Worst foods for your health

There are many factors that affect heart health. Stress, harmful habits, malnutrition can cause heart diseases. In order to protect cardiovascular health, which is among our vital organs, we need to pay attention to our nutrition. The foods we consume in our daily life increase the risks of cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and heart … Read more

The TikTok trend has taught more than 20 bad guys to burn after eating “Dragon’s Breath” candy

The short video platform TikTok will bring new trends from time to time, but some trends may affect young people who are mentally immature. Recently, many countries have issued warnings to remind them of a sudden popularity among young people because of TikTok. Candy Puffs of “Breath”. The Indonesian Ministry of Health said that more … Read more

He complained about the cost of a chocolate candy on an Avianca flight and the airline responded to this

With a spatula January 06 2023, 10:33 am Chocoramo and Avianca | Chocoramo and Colprensa website The airline has been offering food, drinks and snacks on its planes for several months, both on domestic and international flights. For Once again, it generated controversy prices that Avianca is managing in their domestic and international flights … Read more

[영상] KB Kookmin Bank, NCT DREAM ‘KB Star Banking’ ad exceeded 10 million views

(Video editing = Reporter Yeon Seo-won) [내외뉴스통신] Reporter Junyoung Noh KB Kookmin Bank announced that the NCT DREAM ‘KB Star Banking’ advertisement, which was introduced in November, exceeded 10 million views in about a month after its release. As the background music for the ‘KB Star Banking’ advertisement, the title song ‘Candy’ of the NCT … Read more

Recommendation from the famous doctor Ender Saraç that draws attention to diabetics

According to the news of İHA; Dr. Ender Saraç stated that diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar level (hyperglycemia) as a result of the pancreas not producing enough of the insulin hormone that regulates blood sugar or the problems experienced in the use of the produced insulin in the body. Stating … Read more