Le Pain Quotidien now offers bread with cannabis in its establishments in Brussels and Belgium

It’s hot and straight out of the oven. Cannabis bread has appeared in Le Pain Quotidien bakeries in Brussels and Belgium. But also in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It is possible to buy it in the form of bread to eat at home but also as sandwiches filled to eat on the … Read more

How to use cannabis oil?

So you’ve heard about cannabidiol (or CBD, as this substance is also known) and now you’re thinking about how to introduce it into your daily diet to take advantage of all its benefits, right? CBDPhoto: Green Zone The food and pharmaceutical industries have made waves in the media talking about this natural chemical compound, which … Read more

More psychoses because of cannabis – vorarlberg.ORF.at

According to the UN, admissions for psychotic disorders after cannabis use have quadrupled worldwide. That is a cause for concern. Especially because the consequential damage from cannabis consumption is downplayed. Increased THC content in cannabis products as a trigger Philipp Kloimstein, chief physician of the Maria Ebene Foundation, also confirms that there is a connection … Read more

Czech Republic does not recognize ‘Cannabis Church’ as ​​a religious community | Abroad

The so-called Cannabis Church will not be recognized as a religious community in the Czech Republic, the country’s highest court has ruled. Judges in Brno rejected an objection to a similar decision by the Ministry of Culture on Friday. The Cannabis Church has no relation to the supersensible, is not concerned with existential questions and … Read more

Cannabis. The United Nations rejects legalization: “It has not solved the problems of crime and with greater consumption, health risks have increased”. But they say yes to the decriminalization of consumption

by Cesare Fassari This is what the latest report by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) of the United Nations states, which notes that in all situations where “cannabis has been legalized, the data show that health problems related to cannabis have increased”. Furthermore “legalization has not been successful in dissuading young people from using … Read more

110€ are discovered in his… underpants!

This Thursday at noon, the Liège police services discreetly follow a man who goes to rue du Pont, an area well known for the sale of narcotics in the Ardent City. They then see the suspect in question enter the airlock outside a building. There, they see him climbing and then looking for something above … Read more

The FRQ funds five UdeM research projects related to cannabis

More than five million dollars have been granted by the Quebec Research Fund (FRQ) and the Ministry of Health and Social Services as part of the Research Program on the Use of Cannabis for Non-Medical Purposes: Impacts of Consumption on Health. Of the seven projects selected, four come from the Faculty of Medicine of the … Read more