Chelsea Handler Launches a Kit with All of Her Favorite Cannabis Products

Javier, the co-founder and CEO of El Planteo, is a writer specializing in cannabis, hemp, CBD and psychedelics. He currently also serves as Executive Director at Benzinga Cannabis, a media and events company in the United States, focused on cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics managing a team of more than 35 people. His book ‚ÄúStart Your … Read more

Specialists will apply cannabis to elephants due to stress – Noticieros Televisa

He Warsaw zoo will manage their elephants medical cannabis to try to reduce your stress level, the project officials reported Wednesday. We recommend you: Botswana investigates the deaths of 154 elephants; rule out poachers To date, the medical cannabis therapies for horses or dogs but now “it is probably the first project of its kind … Read more

The “prince of drugs” was arrested in Providencia with more than 11 kilos of marijuana

He was not part of a nobility nor was he visiting our country in the midst of the pandemic, but they did call him “prince”, a title that was awarded in an area over there in fertile lands, famous for its vineyards. Now, unfortunately, it is known for the performance of this character, who he … Read more

Found a new use of cannabis in medicine

Treatment with drugs based on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), substances, contained in cannabis, may help treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and may also help prevent colon cancer. These are the conclusions of researchers from the University of South Carolina. This research team has long been studying the role of herbal medicines (including cannabis) in the treatment of … Read more

The most efficient way to grow cannabis

(advertisement) (advertisement) (ads) As it looks like, the weed trial will start in 2021. Ten selected producers will then grow cannabis on a fairly large scale for the coffee shops of 10 selected municipalities. That got our growers’ brain thinking: what is the most efficient method for a licensed cannabis grower who does not have … Read more

The moment a drone drops hundreds of bags of cannabis in Tel Aviv

They launched bags of marijuana from a drone in Tel Aviv Hundreds of small bags of marijuana fell from the Tel Aviv sky on Thursday, in an action different passersby described as “miraculous”. Confused, dozens of people ran along Rabin Street in the city trying to grab all the bags they could hold in their … Read more

why experimentation with therapeutic cannabis struggles to see the light of day

THE ESSENTIAL Launched two years ago and authorized by the National Assembly last December, the experimentation with medical cannabis was to last eighteen months and involve 3,000 patients. This research on medical cannabis, and therefore its possible legalization, is slow to emerge. Experimentation with medical cannabis, and therefore its possible legalization, is slow to emerge. … Read more

Minister of Agriculture Yasin Limpo Set Cannabis as a Assisted Medicinal Plant

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo set the crop ganja as one of the fostered commodity medicinal plants Ministry of Agriculture. This stipulation is contained in the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 104 / KPTS / HK.140 / M / 2/2020 concerning Commodities Assisted … Read more

Cannabis: Clever Leaves, the first Colombian firm to hit Wall Street – Business – Economy

The Colombian company Clever Leaves, one of the main multinational operators and authorized producer of extracts of cannabis and pharmaceutical grade medicinal hemp, It will be the first national company in the sector to be listed on the Nasdaq market, the second largest automated and electronic stock exchange in the United States. (It may interest … Read more