Police Arrest J-Rocks Band Members for Bringing 1 Kg of Marijuana

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Police Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, arrested the drummer for the band J-Rocks, with the name ARK, and three other people related to drug abuse ganja. Kapolres Harbor Cape PriokAKBP Ahrie Sonta confirmed this Friday (21/8/2020) night. He said those arrested were M, DN, ARK, and W. From the hands of the four … Read more

Álex Saab: emissaries from Cape Verde visited Caracas – Investigative Unit

The lightning visit to Caracas of the influential pharmaceutical businessman Fernando Gil Alves and the former Tourism official Carlos Jorge Oliveira Gomes, both from Cape Verde, have unleashed a kind of speculation regarding the extradition of the Barranquilla Álex Saab, designated figurehead of Maduro. (Read also: Defense of Álex Saab contemplates its shipment to the … Read more

New setback for Alex Saab, Nicolás Maduro’s front man: Cape Verde deported one of his lawyers

In less than 72 hours, Cape Verdean authorities twice deported a lawyer for Colombian businessman Álex Saab, accused by Washington of organizing a corruption network for the benefit of Nicolás Maduro. The authorities assure that the member of the team led by Blatasar Garzón He did not have all the documentation required to enter the … Read more

The Supreme Court of Venezuela in exile assured the Cape Verdean Prime Minister that Alex Saab “blatantly lies” to “avoid being tried for serious crimes”

Judge Miguel Angel Martin, president of the Supreme Court of Venezuela in exile The Colombian businessman Álex Saab, accused of being a front man for the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro, stated on Monday that he was “illegally detained” in Cape Verde and he asked the Government of that country to release him so that he … Read more

Saab asks Cape Verde to respect its “immunity”

Alex Naím Saab Morán and his team of lawyers are running out of legal resources to avoid the extradition of the supposed figurehead of Nicolás Maduro to the United States. The Justice of Cape Verde had already authorized the extradition of the Colombian, who has been imprisoned in the African country for almost two months; … Read more

A desperate request and a comparison with the narcos: the letter from Nicolás Maduro’s front man to the Prime Minister of Cape Verde

Alex SaabThe Colombian-Venezuelan businessman Álex Saab, detained in Cape Verde at the request of the United States as alleged figurehead of Nicolás Maduro, has written a letter to the prime minister of the African archipelago, Ulisses Correia, in which he asks him to respect his supposed diplomatic immunity and allow him to return to Venezuela, … Read more

The Cape Verde Justice rejected the maneuver of Alex Saab, the figurehead of Nicolás Maduro, to avoid extradition to the US

“What the Constitutional Court is saying is that the special envoy (Saab) you must go to the extradition court first and, only if you are unsuccessful there, can you file a new injunction with the Supreme Court”, Explained the defense, made up of the former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón. Saab’s lawyers have declared themselves “surprised” … Read more

Álex Saab: Cape Verde readies key ruling on his extradition – Investigative Unit

Amid the pressures and judicial threats of the Nicolás Maduro regime, the Cape Verdean justice enlists a substantive ruling regarding the extradition of the man from Barranquilla, Álex Saab. Local sources told EL TIEMPO that they expect this Friday, or no later than next week, to resolve the application for amparo that their defense filed … Read more

Saab requests house arrest in Cape Verde for health problems

Saab was detained on June 12 when his plane stopped for refueling at Amílcar Cabral International Airport on the northern island of Sal (the most important in this West African island country), in response to a request from the United States to through Interpol for alleged money laundering offenses. Saab, on remand on the island … Read more

Alex Saab requests house arrest in Cape Verde for “health problems”

The businessman’s lawyers allege that he underwent surgery on his stomach, in a process of reducing the digestive system; He is hypertensive and usually has heart accidents. By: EFE 02:24 PM / 28/07/2020 Colombian businessman Álex Saab, accused of multiple acts of corruption, especially in government food programs, has requested house arrest in Cape Verde, … Read more