Teacher convicted of murder lived off schemes in Cape Verde – Portugal

Fernanda Baltazar, the Portuguese teacher who was on the run from justice after killing her fiancé with dry ice in Lisbon, lived on work in Cape Verde, where she said she continued to teach. She, after all, was not connected to education and made money by seducing strangers with imaginary illnesses and stealing from supermarkets … Read more

Teacher who killed Famalicão’s fiancé detained by PJ in Cape Verde

The 41-year-old Portuguese woman who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the death of her ex-boyfriend was detained by the judicial authorities and the Judiciary Police of Cabo Verde, in conjunction with the Portuguese PJ. The teacher is convicted of the crime of qualified homicide, which took place on December 24, 2016 in … Read more

Janet Barboza sends a message to Melissa Paredes LIVE: “You are a cape and I hope to see you soon” América Hoy Showbiz activator | SHOWS

DO YOU LOVE HIM? Although Janet Barboza y Melissa Paredes They were very close drivers, their friendship ended after the model’s protection with the dancer Anthony Aranda. Even the popular ‘rulitos’ was the one who rebuked Rodrigo Cuba’s ex-partner LIVE for his alleged infidelityHowever, this Friday, September 23, he sent him a heartfelt message. READ … Read more

Carris Metropolitana hires workers from Cape Verde and should only start 100% in October

© Leonardo Negrao/Global Images ByDavid Alvito with Rui Cid* September 09, 2022 • 07:50 Carris Metropolitana admits that it should only start operating at 100% in October. Since the beginning of summer, the company has been providing transport in the municipalities of Alcochete, Barreiro, Moita, Montijo, Palmela, Setúbal, Almada, Seixal and Sesimbra. However, complaints continue … Read more

Like Harry Potter’s cape: they develop a shield capable of camouflaging objects and people, and simulating what is behind

In 2019, the Canadian company Hyperstealth first introduced an invisible shield that “disappears” anything placed behind it. Now, the company has perfected its invention to make it more real and “transparent”. The device uses a material llamado Quantum Stealth, with which he manages to turn invisible things that are behind. However, the prototype is still … Read more

South Korea’s first lunar mission successfully launched from Cape Canaveral – rts.ch

The first South Korean lunar space probe “Danuri” took off Thursday from Cape Canaveral, Florida (USA). This is a milestone in the history of space exploration for South Korea, which could become the seventh country to launch an unmanned probe to the moon. Carried by a Falcon 9 rocket from the SpaceX group, the Danuri … Read more

To the final of the African Nations .. Egypt defeats Tunisia and meets Cape Verde

Wrote: Yalla Kora Saturday 16 July 2022 08:27 PM Egypt’s handball team achieved a deserved victory by two goals against Tunisia, 29-27, in the semi-finals of the African Nations Championship, at Dr. Hassan Mostafa Hall in 6th of October City. The national team qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament after defeating its Algerian brother, … Read more

SpaceX is now building the Starship launch tower at Cape Canaveral

Remember Mechazilla, that tall launch tower at SpaceX Starbase in Texas to be stacked starships and spent «catch» super heavy reinforcement? SpaceX began building an identical launch tower at Cape Canaveral in Florida, where starships will also be released soon. This tower is taking shape in conjunction with SpaceX’s Launch Complex-39A (LC-39A) facility at NASA’s … Read more

14 nights Canary Islands & Cape Verde cruise from Tenerife with all inclusive for 699€ pp (inside cabin) » Travel-Dealz.de

Die my ship heart (the last 24 hours in time lapse) sails between the Canary Islands, Madeira and Cape Verde from December to March. In total, she is on the road for 15 days or 14 nights on the respective cruises. At the moment you get three dates in December significantly discounted. the Inside cabins … Read more