The following is a list of 40 companies that have the potential to be removed from the capital market

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Forty issuers are listed on the potential delisting of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (market modal) and risk becoming a closed company again. Based on data compiled by Bisnis from the IDX, there are 40 issuers from various sectors that are included in the list of potential delisting. In addition to the potential … Read more

OJK: Fundraising in the Capital Market is Higher than Banking Financing

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority, Wimboh Santoso, said that fundraising in capital market in 2021 it reached the highest number in the history of the stock exchange in the country. “This is also the highest in Indonesia’s history in a year. In fact, this is also higher … Read more

The Fed announces tapering off, here are the investment opportunities in bonds and stocks

ILLUSTRATION. Capital market. Reporter: Aerospace Wisdom | Editor: Herlina Kartika Dewi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. After experiencing a fluctuating and uneven economic recovery this year, the global economy is projected to be much better next year. Moreover, the Fed has finally announced the technical implementation of the tapering that market players have been waiting for for … Read more

Investment Outlook: Cryptocurrencies or Gold? What to invest in?

In cooperation with the investment company EMUN Partners, we bring you the broadcast of the conference Investment Prospects, the main topic of which is cryptocurrencies and investment gold. Leoš Jirman, EMUN Family office, Oldřich Dědek, the CNB, L’uboš Mokráš, PPF banka or Igor Mesenský, KPMG Czech Republic will present themselves as speakers. .