Car theft, that’s why the Panda is the most stolen model in Italy. And how to defend yourself-

of Savina Confaloni The devices for stealing cars are more and more technological and it is more difficult to recover. Less than 4 out of 10 stolen cars are found and the others feed the spare parts racket On the one hand the large SUVs, Audi in the lead, which end up abroad immediately, on … Read more

measures to return to Santiago after mass departure

Higher figures than budgeted occurred this weekend regarding the departure of vehicles from the Metropolitan Region to other areas of the country. From the Carabineros, Lieutenant Colonel Emilio Teixidor, of the Transit and Highways Prefecture, pointed out that “the projection of vehicle departure was 210 thousand,” and the number reached approximately 287 thousand. Teixidor reported … Read more

Persecution ends with 4 Carabineros run over in Ñuñoa

Four police officers were seriously injured after midnight, after a failed inspection, a vehicle at high speed ran over them in the Pedro de Valdivia sector with Diagonal Oriente avenue, in the Ñuñoa commune. According to the first antecedents, it would have been a car that was going against the traffic, whose driver, upon noticing … Read more

Commander of the Carabineros was the victim of an entrapment in Ñuñoa

A Carabineros commander was the victim of a lockdown in the Ñuñoa commune, during the night of this Sunday, after a group of individuals attacked him and took away his car The uniformed man, who was accompanied by his partner in the direction of his home, along Avenida Holanda at the height of Simón Bolívar, … Read more

One deceased and one injured leaves a traffic accident in the Santa Elena sector

A tragic traffic accident was registered in the early hours of this Sunday at the height of the Santa Elena sector, Coquimbo commune. According to the information collected by El Día, for reasons under investigation, the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a fast food outlet and in turn with a public lighting … Read more

Two arrested for frustrated femicide and aggression against Carabineros

A frustrated femicide was uncovered yesterday afternoon, Saturday, when a woman was rescued in the Plaza de Armas de Santiago by presenting various sharp wounds, inflicted by her partner. Carabineros, who were carrying out a preventive patrol, took the woman to a care facility to be treated, since she had several injuries to her face … Read more

More than 20 unions support the Carabineros and the Government after the death of a member of the CAM in Carahue | National

Trade unions from various sectors supported the actions of the Carabineros and the Government, after the confrontation that ended with the death of a member of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM) in Carahue, La Araucanía region. The event that ended with a fatal victim and an injured worker occurred in the afternoon of Friday in … Read more

[VIDEO] Persecution ends with brutal run over of motorcyclist in La Cisterna

Carabineros managed to arrest two subjects, while the motorist was transferred to the Barros Luco Hospital with serious injuries. Carabinieri arrested two people for assault and theft of a vehicle this Thursday in the commune of La Cisterna, a fact that ended with a chase and a violent run over of a delivery motorcyclist. It … Read more

Carabineros returned to its owner a bag with $ 7 million found in the street

Carabinieri of the 37 Vitacura Police Station He returned to its owner, Cristián Moller Blanco, a backpack that had inside it $ 7 million between cash, dollars and documents. The owner found out about the find when he had already given it up for lost. #Vitacura: Carabineros from the 37th Police Station returned a backpack … Read more

They install technical and security elements for the inauguration of the Convention

During today’s session, teams from the Ministry of the Interior, Carabineros and external personnel are working on the fine-tuning of the former National Congress building in terms of technical equipment and security for the inauguration of the Constitutional Convention to be held tomorrow. An event for which the ministry led by Rodrigo Delgado already ordered … Read more