Skepticism about new gaming video cards after leak

In recent weeks, rumors have abounded about the upcoming graphics card series for Nvidia based on the Ampere architecture. Since September 11, Nvidia has posted a picture of old video cards in a countdown to September 1, which will probably be the date for the launch conference of the RTX 30 series. On Wednesday, Nvidia … Read more

Banks: Which ones already offer credit cards without charging for membership? | Financial entities | SBS

As of August 30, all banks will be obliged to offer their customers at least one credit card without charging them for membership, after what is determined by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS). At the end of July, the SBS published SBS Resolution No. 1870-2020 with Modifications to the Regulation for the … Read more

MSI introduces power supplies ‘for the latest generation of Nvidia cards’ – Computer – News

Why? Seasonic hasn’t had a decent diet in the budget segment since the Haswell generation. Then the S12II Bronze and M12II Bronze series of 620W and 520W became obsolete due to the lack of support for the CPU’s new power states. There was still an M12II Bronze EVO, but that was just a fully modular … Read more

Nvidia confirms arrival of 12-pin connector for power supply of video cards – Computer – News

In a video about video card designs and possible improvements, Nvidia has confirmed the arrival of a 12-pin connector for powering video cards. The arrival of such a connector was already expected after Seasonic, among others, showed a 12-pin power cable. The video shows, among other things, a design drawing of a 12-pin power connector. … Read more

Seasonic shows 12-pin power cable for Nvidia video cards – Computer – News

Those 12 pins do 300 watts here, because they are fed by 2×8 pins that can handle 150 watts as standard. So your 2080 Ti does 375 (2×150 + 1×75) versus this 300. Not a lot of 50% reduction to be found. Unless you’re referring to the number of pins Even at 75 watts from … Read more

The cards turned: Poor Harry! From the words of the expert, he freezes

According to the expert, the couple exchanged roles after moving to Los Angeles. Prince Harry is reportedly in a situation as in the case of Native American Meghan in Great Britain. After leaving the royal family, the couple decided to divide their lives between the United States and Great Britain. However, due to the coronavirus … Read more

Revealed the prices of new video cards NVIDIA RTX 3000 –

So if you believe data verified Internet sources, the price of new products will be controversial. On the one hand, RTX 3060, RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 will cost 400 (30 thousand rubles), 600 (45 thousand rubles) and 800 (60 thousand rubles), respectively – more than an acceptable price, even taking into account the dollar … Read more

Powerful Intel graphics cards with hardware ray tracing will be released in 2021

At the disposal of the resource VideoCardz turned out to be fresh information regarding GPU Xe from Intel. As it turned out, the “blues” have been developing another graphic architecture since 2018, which has the symbol Xe-HPG. According to the source, chips based on it will be used as part of Intel gaming graphics cards. … Read more

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra approaching, future Nvidia Geforce 3080 cards and endgame for Toshiba

Did not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here is what stood out on Monday August 10: Xiaomi is preparing its Mi 10 Ultra, Nvidia announces the launch date of its RTX 3000s and Toshiba is shutting down PCs. To not miss any news, think about subscribe to the FrAndroid newsletter. Xiaomi Mi 10 … Read more