Revolutionrace shows the cards – that’s how it went

Some key points from the e-commerce company’s recent report: Revenues amounted to SEK 509 million, corresponding to growth of 30 percent. Thus, the trend was broken with a percentage falling rate of increase. During the previous quarter, July to September, growth was 8.5 percent. “We are gaining market share and saw continued good demand for … Read more

Weird, Nintendo Playing Pet Fish and ‘Creaking’ Credit Cards

Jakarta – A pet fish in Japan plays video games and manages to mess up his master’s Nintendo Switch, change his avatar, create a Pay Pal account, and collect credit card bills. The fish in question belongs to a YouTuber known as Mutekimaru. His channel is popular among the gaming community because his videos feature … Read more

“Receiving a bunch of cards and drawings will put stars in his eyes”

****** *** *** ****** ***** ** ***** *** ** **** ********* ** ****** ** **** **** **** *** ***** ***** ************* **** *** ******** ** ** ************** ************** ** ******** ** **** **** ********** **** ***** ** ********** ******* ********* ** ******** ** ************* ******* *** ********** **** ******* *** *** ******* ** ** ****** … Read more

AFIP investigates purchases with debit cards

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) raised in the last update from $10,000 to $30,000 the minimum amount from which financial entities must report accumulated expenses during a month with debit cards. Experts clarify that it may be a single purchase transaction for $30,000 or more, but the banks must also inform AFIP of … Read more

“Health Net” Playing cards for a long time may increase the risk of bowel cancer!Medicine teaches “doing this” to protect intestinal health-Free Health Network

Physicians reminded that an additional 2 hours of sitting time per day will increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 8%. Therefore, it is recommended to get up and walk around every hour, and replenish water by the way, in order to protect intestinal health; the picture shows the situation. (picture taken from pakutaso) [Health … Read more

Miners started repainting used graphics cards to pass them off as new

Not everyone is ready to risk buying a video card used by a miner. Entrepreneurs understand everything and go for tricks After the cryptocurrency market cooled down, miners began to get rid of video cards. Not everyone is in a hurry to buy such used equipment, and therefore some miners go for tricks. It became … Read more

Report cards Cittadella Cagliari: Lapadula too shady up front, convinces Dossena – VOTES

Cittadella and Cagliari took to the field at Pier Cesare Tombolato for the 21st day of the 2022/2023 Serie B championship Citadel e Cagliari took the field for the 21st day of the 2022/2023 Serie B championship. Ratings and judgments to the players of Claudio Ranieri: RADUNOVIC 6 – Attentive and almost unoccupied in the … Read more