4 Ways to Prevent Back and Waist Pain when Pregnant Young, Take Care of Your Weight, Bun

Jakarta – During early pregnancy, you may have felt pain in the waist and back. This condition is actually normal for pregnant women from the first trimester to the end. Usually, pregnant women will experience pain in several parts of the body such as the back to the lower back and then the waist to … Read more

Taking care of your microbiota during the third trimester of pregnancy is important for the baby’s belly.

On many points, you can influence the future well-being of your baby as soon as you learn your pregnancy, with very little rules to put in place. If we have chosen to tell you about this one in particular, it is because it is very common. It affects one in four children. Once a baby … Read more

Shirley Arica after an alleged intimate video: “It’s not me, I’ve always taken care of my intimate life” | entertainment | SHOWS

Shirley Arica She used her social networks to be outraged after an alleged intimate video of hers went viral. The popular “Reality Girl” assured that she is not the protagonist of the clip and announced that she will take legal action to reach those responsible who have tarnished her honor. MIRA: Rodrigo fires Giuliana’s notary … Read more

Update multidisciplinary guidelines Addendum Postnatal Care after Sectio, Anemia and Hypertensive Disorders

20 september 2022 Summer really seems to be over now and autumn is on the way. However, the project leaders and working groups have not been idle this summer. A lot of work has been done on various multidisciplinary guidelines, of which the KNOV is the lead. Time for a short status update! Addendum Postnatal … Read more

Using client experiences for better care and support in mental health care

20 sep Using client experiences for better care and support in mental health care Korien Jurgens is a partner at Lysias Advies, Nienke Boesveldt works as principal investigator at the UVA In GGZ Vaktijdschrift number 8, Korien Jurgens and Nienke Boesveldt write about their pilot study into the contribution of client experiences to improve mental … Read more

“We are revolted, he did not have the care he could have had”

Published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 04:00 Par Gisele Marshal Antonio was only 14 years old. He died at home after being discharged from the Hornu emergency room. The day of Saturday, November 28, 2015 begins rather well for Antonio Di Michele, a teenager of 14 years. A game of Playstation… then a headache … Read more

Language – one of the many tools of care

In an exchange of words between two psychiatrists in the magazine Forskning & Framsteg [1, 2] an attention-grabbing article in the journal Molecular Psychiatry concerns the basic question [3]where the authors conclude that there is no link between serotonin and depression, and no evidence that depression is caused by low activity or low levels of … Read more

“I don’t care about cookies”: Popular extension adopted by controversial security company – IT-Business

“I don’t care about cookies” is one of those browser extensions that make everyday life on the web a little less annoying. After all, it automatically takes care of those cookie banners that have made the Internet an even more unpleasant place as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Big differences in the care of atopic eczema – Östersunds-Posten

One million Swedes suffer from atopic eczema. But despite great suffering and great societal costs, care is still inadequate. The treatments that are available do not reach all those who need them among Sweden’s regions. In connection with the international day for atopic eczema on September 14, the Atopians released a report that shows how … Read more