Kuipers: ”Not all acute care meets minimum quality requirements”

March 21, 2023 With the disappearance of the corona test streets, corona disappears from everyday life. Is corona finally a ‘normal’ flu? Ernst Kuipers on the end of the corona pandemic and how to proceed with healthcare. According to the minister, there is no reason to maintain measures against corona. “There are many people who … Read more

IKEA has shown how drones take care of its warehouses in Europe. In time, it will also come to us – Živě.cz

The furniture company IKEA has started automating its premises on a large scale in Europe. Drones have started taking inventory in its warehouses, 100 of them have already been deployed in a total of 16 branches in seven countries. It is not a project of IKEA directly, but of the company Ingka, under which 90 … Read more

Therefore, so many patients receive unnecessary care

Bild: Section: Sara Ingvarsson. Photo: Cecilia Odlind What is low value care? – These are healthcare interventions that are ineffective, for example unnecessary sampling, or treatments that do not help with the current illness, for example antibiotics for viral infections or upper respiratory tract infections, says Sara Ingvarssonresearcher at the department of learning, informatics, management … Read more

Health advice – What eating habits to follow or avoid to take care of your teeth?

When you want to keep good teeth, what advice can you follow in terms of diet ? Why snacking is bad for healthy teeth ? Are some bad habits even more harmful for the teeth, when they concern children ? What do we mean when we talk about the baby bottle tooth decay » ? … Read more

When renovating an apartment building, do not forget to take care of proper ventilation of the building

“Every year, we conduct such audits in order to find out whether all the applied measures are effective and of high quality – for us, it is important not only to take care of the renovation of the houses, but also to make sure that everything in them is good after the work done. This … Read more

An 88-year-old mother who had a stroke chose hospice care and nurses, but let her starve to death by “depriving food and drink for 25 days” | International | CTWANT

An 88-year-old woman in the UK was cared for by hospice care and died slowly without eating or drinking. (Photo/retrieved from Daily Mail) An 88-year-old woman in the UK, Sarene Taylor, was sent to the hospital for treatment due to a stroke 4 weeks ago, but the doctor said that there was nothing she could … Read more

Solidarity condominiums, palliative care, caregivers: here are all the new arrivals for the elderly

Italia by Andrea Gagliardi Final go-ahead from the Chamber to the bill that governs some delegations to the Government regarding policies in favor of the elderly. Among the objectives: support for vulnerable people, construction of community houses and taking charge of the person for the enhancement of home services 2′ of reading Final green light … Read more

Six out of 10 Italians without dental care: social dentistry reappears. In the field young graduates, private dentists and industry

Italia by Barbara Gobbi Worsening picture after Covid, with families spending 14% less in 2022 than in 2018 and over 18 million people with untreated caries 4′ of reading With six out of 10 Italians not going to the dentist, mostly because it costs too much, and 95% of dental care managed by private practices … Read more

Don’t take care of the female reproductive organs, they are inside unlike the male ones, the skiing legend advises

With pleasure, almost like a big winner, she could watch another successful step of women in bridge competitions in Norway, this time also on the mammoth one. How many times in her life has she heard that ski jumping is not a sport for women. But now, after all, he feels a change, not the … Read more

how to take care of it through nutrition?

Stress due to work or a personal situation, meals taken too quickly, lack of time, socio-economic factors, these phenomena can generate some stress or discomfort and promote poor mental health. What if nutrition had a role to play in this balance? If, as the illustrious British anthropologist and ethnologist Jane Goodall asserts, We are what … Read more