It used to be viral, the important thing was halal, Hansamu Yama is now careful about the food at Persija

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Persija Jakarta defender Hansamu Yama Pranata is in control of the ball with this season’s newest jersey when he competes at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, West Java, 16 July 2022 BOLASPORT.COM – Bek Persija Jakarta, Hansamu Yama is said to be taking care of his food at the moment. Hansamu … Read more

Freeze vegetables? Be careful that you may be ‘skipping’ a step

IT IS It is common practice to freeze vegetables. Sometimes, you end up buying too much and a solution, to prevent them from spoiling, is to put them in the freezer. Even so, it is very likely that you are missing an important step, all to avoid the formation of enzymes that can be harmful. … Read more

Be Careful, Snoring Habits Can Trigger Cancer Risk – Illness cancer It can be triggered by several things, such as a lifestyle that has become a habit, environmental factors, to health conditions. Most recently, a study presented at the International Congress of the European Resporatory Society (ERS) in Barcelona, ​​Spain in September 2022 showed that habit snoring can trigger various diseases, including … Read more

Easy to get sick? Be careful it’s a sign of a weak immune

autoimmune. (is) JAKARTA, Immune system is the foremost shield against viruses, bacteria, free radicals and other harmful compounds. Having a strong immune system can protect the body from the threat of various diseases. The body’s immune system is made up of white blood cells, antibodies and several other components. This system protects the body … Read more

These are the symptoms of prostate cancer that are usually experienced by many, be careful with this dangerous disease!

About Malang, 20 September 2022 – This symptoms prostate cancer which is usually experienced by many patients. The symptoms can also be different, here’s a discussion about the symptoms: prostate cancer which a lot of people usually do. Don’t mess with disease this danger, has included symptoms prostate cancer here. Read Also: Does Age … Read more

Poor sleep schedule is at risk for diabetes & heart disease, be careful who likes to stay up late

INDOZONE.ID – Sleeping late is more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who go to bed early, a new study has found. Meanwhile, getting up early can help prevent heart disease, scientists in the United States have found. People who sleep late are claimed to be less active during the day and worse … Read more

Van Dijk refuses to be careful not to get injured for the World Cup

Amsterdam – Virgil van Dijk reluctant to play careful just to avoid injury to appear in 2022 World Cup. The focus is on giving the best in every game. The 2022 World Cup has the opportunity to be the first major event that Van Dijk has participated in with the Dutch national team. The Liverpool … Read more

If you have these symptoms on your skin, be careful! You may have liver disease

IMPORTANT FOR EARLY DIAGNOSIS prof. Dr. Leaf pointed out that some changes in the skin may be the first clue of liver disease and said, “Recognizing these symptoms is very important for early diagnosis of liver disorders. The liver has hundreds of functions, including protein synthesis, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, cholesterol synthesis, synthesis of coagulation … Read more

Careful! These 3 Symptoms Are Signs You Have Diabetes, dr. Vania Utami: Many Are Unaware

PRFMNEWS – Many people do not realize that they are exposed to a dangerous disease. Among these dangerous diseases, namely: diabetes. Illness diabetes It is a disease caused by high blood sugar levels in the body. Read Also: Recap of Persib vs Barito Putera League 1 Match Results, Maung Bandung Gol Party When blood sugar … Read more