Behind the scenes of the video shot in part in Bizeneuille (Allier) by youtubers McFly, Carlito and Joyca, which has millions of views

This is what is called a buzz flash! The kind to propel its authors or the place of their exploit towards infinity. And beyond. Indeed, this Sunday February 7 was published on Youtube the last video of the French duo McFly et Carlito. And this Monday the said sequence already reached the 3.5 million views. … Read more

Former WWE wrestler behind the scenes of Royal Rumble; Title match postponed to Royal Rumble pre-show and more

Hmm, Rhonda Rousey would never have thundered at the pre-show. After that, over the words of Charlotte that “Rhonda is not needed”, all that remains is to laugh. By the way, a fun fact: just last year Charlotte won the Rambla, this year she is at the pre-show of this PPV. With such an incredible … Read more