Fiestas pays for the first time to Televisión Canaria for the production of the Carnival

Recording of the performance of the musical groups. Andres Gutierrez The Autonomous Party Organization and Canary Television have signed an agreement by which the council led by Alfonso Cabello commits to the public entity the payment of 40,000 euros as expenses assigned to the production of the three programs that will be broadcast from tomorrow: … Read more

The quarry opens the Canarian Television documentaries about Carnival

Fran Conde and her daughter Amanda, from the children’s murga Retorciditos. ED The Carnival stage is moved this year from the Fairgrounds to the screen of Televisión Canaria, where tomorrow the first of the main acts of the virtual edition will be broadcast: two documentaries, two competitions – one for murgas and another for comparsas … Read more

The Carnival of the Arts returns: outdoor exhibitions and cinema under the stars

Bogotá, May 6, 2017. At FILBO, Fernando Vallejo’s conference was held on Cavendish balls or the triumph of imposture. (Colprensa-Alvaro Tavera)For the first time in her 15 years, The International Carnival of the Arts will take place in Barranquilla with a program mostly transmitted by virtual platforms, given the conditions of the pandemic. The event … Read more

The Carnival that broke the gloom

If there is “work for everyone” in the event, the Quebec Winter Carnival believes it has demonstrated that it is possible to hold a major event in a pandemic situation. Creativity, solidarity and resilience: these are the ingredients that have enabled the 67e edition of the Quebec Winter Carnival to materialize, according to its general … Read more

CULTURE – This year the carnival will arrive on the internet and on television through channel 4RD

The coronavirus has made the crowds of people dangerous and makes a tradition as important for the national culture as carnival, have to be suspended. For this reason, creativity and the desire that these dates do not pass without this custom of several centuries being celebrated, the State Corporation of Radio and Television (CERTV) will … Read more

Deportivo Cali beat Junior 1-2 with goals from Marco Pérez | Result Liga BetPlay Dimayor 2021 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

In a vibrant match, Deportivo Cali defeated Junior 1-2 this Wednesday at the Estadio Metropolitano for the seventh and consolidated as the leader of the BetPlay I-2021 League with 19 points. He did it thanks to a wonderful collective performance in which the performance of players such as Jorge Arias, Jhon Vásquez, Guillermo De Amores … Read more

Binche: no carnival this year but the City has a surprise in store for its inhabitants

Mardi Gras is very different from previous years today in Binche. No gilles, procession or fireworks, the carnival festivities will not take place this year. From the first hour usually, the gilles have already put on their traditional costume and come together for a breakfast with oysters and champagne. The town still reserved a surprise … Read more

More than 100 workers set up the television set of the ‘Virtual Carnival’ of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, Feb. 17 (EUROPA PRESS) – The seventh party councilor of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, Alfonso Cabello, visited the Fairground on Wednesday where the assembly operations of the television set that will host the recording of the main shows of the chicharrero ‘virtual Carnival’ are taking place. More than … Read more

Carnival celebrants try anyway, police intervene (a little)

According to the police, around 250 people have gathered on the Vrijthof in Maastricht to celebrate carnival. The atmosphere is cozy and peaceful. The police have asked the people to leave, but they were initially ignored. If the people also fail to comply with a second request from the enforcers, fines will be issued. A … Read more