Physiotherapist and Judo and Taekwondo “lover” Caroline Muzaq: My family is a martial artist and my mother and father support me. I won a gold medal last year…and I love self-defense

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free GB Caroline Mazouq loved judo and taekwondo. She started her career in taekwondo, the Korean game, in 2003, and then practiced the Japanese game of judo in 2021, so she practiced both games with passion. In addition to her passion for competing on the ground and during … Read more

Exams canceled due to a shortage of teachers? “It’s a reality, but it remains a minority,” says Caroline Désir

Caroline Désir was the guest of Bel RTL’s 7h50. Questioned by Fabrice Grosfilley, the Minister of Education in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation focused in particular on the shortage of teachers affecting the sector and on the testimonies of students who explain not having been able to see all the material in class. of the year. For … Read more

Princess Caroline, her children and stepchildren stars of a wedding in Rome

Princess Caroline of Hanover was very well surrounded this weekend. She was spotted on the streets of Rome, accompanied by her children and stepchildren. When Andrea and Charlotte Casiraghi are out, it’s impossible for them to go unnoticed. The Casiraghi and Hanover were on their way to the wedding of friends at the Basilica of … Read more

Caroline, a Walloon independent, had to lay off her staff because of the crisis: “Everything collapsed with the war in Ukraine”

Inflation again broke a record in May. According to figures from Eurostat, a directorate general of the European Commission responsible for statistical information at Community level, it reaches 9.9%. This means that a product that cost 100 euros in May 2021 is worth almost 110 today. Continuously rising fuel prices have dire consequences for citizens … Read more

Princess Sadly, Madly: Did her sister-in-law Caroline kick her out of the palace?

This is the sister of Prince Albert II. (65) According to the daily Bild, she dragged her sister-in-law, Princess Charlene (44), out of the palace, in the desire to become the unofficial first lady of Monaco. According to the French magazine Voici, Charlene signed a secret agreement with her wife, under which she receives 300 … Read more

Princess Caroline, Carole Bouquet and Charlotte Casiraghi reunited at the Chanel Cruise show on the Monegasque beach

The family of Princess Caroline of Hanover was well represented this Thursday, May 5, on the beach in Monaco. Prince Albert II’s sister attended the Chanel Cruise show, surrounded by her daughter, one of her daughters-in-law and one of her nieces. The actress Carole Bouquet, mother-in-law of her daughter Charlotte, was also present. Read also: … Read more

Bad experience: Caroline harassed since her passage in “Married at first sight”

Posted20 avril 2022, 16:05 The young woman has been regularly insulted on the Net since the broadcast of her marriage to Axel in the program of M6. Caroline, 29, suffered from her time on the show. Lionel Guericolas/Agency 1827/M6 We remember, the passage of Caroline in “Married at first sight”, at the beginning of April … Read more

“Is it legal to charge us €2 more per service voucher?” wonders Caroline: the sector is justified

Many service voucher companies are significantly increasing their costs. Price of fuel, energy, wage conditions for housekeepers… the sector says it has no choice. “Is it really legal to charge us €2 more per service voucher when we have not signed anything to this effect?”, wrote to us a few days ago Caroline, a mother … Read more

“Caroline Seger – do not even think about the idea”, writes Anna Friberg

Everything looked so simple in advance, a small pitiful point was what was missing for the World Cup place to be ready. It was not really that easy when Sweden faced Ireland at Gamla Ullevi last night. But in the end, Kosovar Asllani managed to outsmart the compact Irish defense, and set the goal required … Read more

Caroline van der Plas stunned by D66 member: ‘She wants me to stop asking critical questions!’

During the debate about the corrupt face mask deal between Sywert van Lienden and the state, D66 member Mrs. Paulusma shocked BBB member Caroline van der Plas. Because Mrs Paulusma actually asked Van der Plas if she couldn’t even stop asking critical questions. “Does it never end?” van der Plas responded to this. “Never!” Yesterday … Read more