The key thing you should do after getting in the car. Many forget about it

At present, the carmakers in their latest models offer increasingly sophisticated seats, with various anatomical shapes, sports reinforcement, but also massage functions and heating or ventilation. The technology and thus the comfort behind the wheel of modern cars is increasing every year, but manufacturers are also short on one factor. Indeed, if the driver in … Read more

THE BALL – «It scares me a little playing at 9 am…» (Olympic Games)

Despite acknowledging Denmark’s greatest favoritism, Paulo Jorge Pereira did not hide his disappointment with the defeat (28-34) in the fourth round of the Olympic tournament. The Portugal selector assumed the greatest power of the opponent. “When you lose, it’s always negative, but we’re talking about facing the best that exist in this sport. It’s a … Read more

An amazing diesel lord reigns in Europe – Electric cars, on the other hand, are unstoppable

He posted latest According to statistics from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), sales in the second quarter of 2021 show that sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines increased compared to the same period in 2020, but far behind those of alternative propulsion vehicles. This also resulted in a spectacular decline in the market … Read more

Lithuanians are most fascinated by German cars

Lithuanian residents prefer German cars when choosing a vehicle, according to a survey of residents. Experts note that the popularity of cars made in Germany is determined by quality, durability and economy. In addition, ecological criteria are becoming increasingly important when choosing a vehicle. The popularity is maintained by the same brands A month-long survey … Read more

The heads of state have a new dream car. This is the untouchable top of Mercedes

At the IAA car show in Munich in September, the German premium carmaker will bring a real gem to all high-ranking people. For years, this manufacturer has offered demanding clients the opportunity to load even a slightly different portfolio of its vehicles with the Guard attribute. No need to guess too much about what these … Read more

There is a huge interest in the excellent GR Yaris model. Toyota has great news for the fans

The current number one topic in the automotive space is undoubtedly electrification, the management of increasingly strict emission limits and the effort to reduce the imminent fines in case of exceeding them. However, not everyone draws attention only to these areas. Toyota, for example, thanks to its trust in hybrids, when years ago other manufacturers … Read more

Karawang Made-in Battery Can Supply 150,000 Electric Cars

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Now RI’s aspiration to have an electric vehicle battery factory is getting real. This was marked by an agreement between Hyundai Motor Group and LG Energy Solution to form a joint venture company (joint venture) build a battery cell factory for electric cars in Karawang, West Java. Hyundai Motor Group and … Read more

Dear Porro, I’ll explain the suicide of electric cars

Last week, when I heard Von der Leyen expound the brilliant European idea of ​​banning petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles from 2035, I didn’t know whether to laugh (in thinking “what a fool”) or cry (in thinking “how badly we are. today we Europeans “). This is a colossal nonsense which has been reached because he … Read more

“Carnival”: in the rue de Nathalie in Couillet, around thirty cars vandalized last night

A curious broom of tow trucks took place this morning on rue de Loverval in Couillet. During the night, several cars were vandalized all over the street, as well as in the Place de la Queue. Nathalie, a resident, warned us via the orange Alert-Us button. She was scheduled to drive her daughter to summer … Read more