Support for electric cars restarts in the Baltics: what are the subsidy models?

In order to reduce the CO2 emissions of road transport and accelerate the updating of the car fleet, support programs for electric car buyers have been activated in the Baltic States. What can individuals and companies gain from them? Good news for companies in Lithuania Lithuania launched its latest support program for the purchase of … Read more

MG presents NEW MG5 D+ cars ‘MATICHON – KHAOSOD World Cup 2022’

After Matichon-Khaosod under Matichon Public Company Limited or Matichon Group announced success ‘MATHICHON – KHAOSOD world cup 2022’ Great, inviting Thai people to win big luck together 3 million baht in the World Cup 22 in Qatar ready to deliver happiness and fun Including activities to cut coupons, predict results from newspapers. with overflowing senders … Read more

THE BALL – Benfica’s likely eleven in Arouca (Liga)

Cold night in Arouca. This is certainly what awaits Benfica in today’s trip, at 21.15 hours, to the village in the district of Aveiro, located in Serra da Freita. The estimated temperature for the game time points to three degrees, but it is quite possible that the thermal sensation is much lower. A freezing night… … Read more

Cars Made in Indonesia Sell Rp. 85 Trillion Abroad

Tuesday, 31 January 2023 – 14:07 WIB VIVA Automotive– Automotive industry become one of the manufacturing sectors, which makes a positive contribution to the national economy. Not only from the amount of sales alone, but also the absorption of labor and the level of local content. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry consistently carries out the … Read more

Only this price for the All New Toyota Rush 2023? Worthy of being targeted by the latest SUV lovers, fuel-efficient cars with advanced features

AYOSEMARANG.COM –- More searching new car which fuel efficient? All New Toyota Rush 2023 the right choice. All New Toyota Rush 2023 the newest car in the SUV class that has gone through various refreshments. Besides that, All New Toyota Rush 2023 also have machine which is fiercer and more powerful. Read Also: Pajero Sport … Read more

The automakers that sold the most cars in 2022 have been identified

Despite problems in supply chains, production disruptions and other issues, Japanese automaker Toyota sold the most cars in 2022. The data shows that last year the Toyota concern delivered 10,483,024 cars to customers around the world. These statistics also include sub-brands Daihatsu and commercial vehicle manufacturer Hino. The Toyota brand accounted for slightly more than … Read more

Collision of two passenger cars and a truck in Miedziana Góra. See the photos

The collision of three vehicles took place on Tuesday morning, January 31, on the national road number 74 in Miedziana Góra. The traffic lane in the direction of Łódź was blocked for about two and a half hours. Younger aspirant Małgorzata Perkowska-Kiepas, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Kielce, informed: – The incident … Read more