Cars, mansions and a ring valued at 300,000 euros, the fortune left by Diego Armando Maradona

Guadalupe Piñeiro MichelFOLLOW Updated:26/11/2020 01: 00h save He was not only a legend of world football. Throughout his 60 years just turned, Diego Armando Maradona also managed to accumulate a millionaire economic wealth that, despite some warnings from «Pelusa» himself during his family disagreements, will remain in the hands of his descendants. His personal assets … Read more

We are speechless … This tow truck wipes out all the cars on a London street –

We do not believe what we see in this video. The crane driver with all the cars parked on a London street while towing a vehicle that had crashed. The crane, once he manages to load it, he starts the march and systematically hit all cars that were parked. Does the tow truck take you … Read more

Snow chains: 3 models to safely drive your car or truck this winter

Chains on the tires give you more traction. Photo: Erik Mclean / Unsplash The Snow chains They are an anti-slip system that is placed on a vehicle’s tires to prevent it from skidding when there is snow or ice on the road. It must be clear that all types of chain are mounted on the … Read more

Apple wants to charge electric cars from any garage

Apple It has intervened, to date fleetingly, in the world of electric mobility, through an autonomous electric car project that has not yet seen the light of day. But in the meantime, those responsible for innovation in this field have not wasted any time, and have just presented a new patent that puts the brand … Read more

you only have 30 days to change it

Related news The countdown has begun. British drivers (or drivers of other nationalities) with an English driving license who live in Spain have only five weeks to exchange their license if they want to continue using it in Spain The deadline is December 31, as recalled by the General direction of traffic (DGT) a few … Read more

Storm in Barranquilla | The Herald

First a tropical storm, then a hurricane, “Iota” left destruction and flooding as it passed through Colombia. Providencia destroyed and San Andrés severely affected. Cartagena and Santa Marta, both flooded, as well as other towns on the coast. And without being directly caused by this phenomenon, the harsh winter also affected sectors of Medellín, Bogotá, … Read more

Apple patents a charging post for electric cars that can be installed in any garage – News – Hybrids and Electric

Apple is a giant that has rarely been on our front page. When it has, it has been fleetingly, without leaving much trace, and although we may still see its autonomous electric car, the truth is that everything is still up in the air. Now an Apple patent comes to light that brings us his … Read more

Lease or buy a car and pay off a loan? (Law, cars and motorcycles, economics and finance)

Hey, applied for a loan for a new car. Credit of 18,000 euros I currently have a leasing car, which will end in March 2021. Which idea is best? Leasing the car after the loan has been approved, I would then have to pay about 700 euros. Then the leasing is done. 17,300 euros are … Read more