American tourist reported that he was kidnapped in Cartagena and $10,000 was stolen

A foreign tourist denounced through a video, which has been filming on social networks in the last hours, that he apparently was the victim of a criminal gang in Cartagena, who kidnapped him for several hours and emptied his accounts. Johnathan Díaz, a United States citizen, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reported that on January 28 … Read more

Peak and plate from December 5 to 9, 2022 in Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

We are already settling down to December, the last month of the year, and Decree 0522 of March 31, 2022, which establishes the peak and license plate for the different types of vehicles, remains in force. The measure, which restricts the daily circulation of private cars and motorcycles, will apply until next December 30. Decree … Read more

Woman suffers the theft of her cell phone and takes revenge against the motorcycle

The subject took the phone from her in the middle of the street, but the driver decided to act quickly to get it back. A woman decided to take revenge on a thief who had stolen her cell phone by running him over in full public thoroughfare Cartagena, Colombia. It is a fact recorded in … Read more

This is what you should do if your car is flooded in the street of Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

The rains can have a meaning for everyone. Some take them as a break from the sun and the hot temperature, while others suffer the consequences. This time we will talk specifically about the drivers who travel the roads of Cartagena. It is very common to find unforeseen events on the roads, however, being flooded … Read more

a financial pyramid with its days numbered – Metro Magazine, tailored to Cartagena – News from Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar and Colombia

By Maomar Montes Mercado * Goarbit potentiated the culture of easy money by turning it into a pseudo-religion where its parishioners attend every week to take the host of ‘Retirement Friday’. Only in a country lacking financial intelligence and in which drug trafficking has left the mark of quick money and with the least effort, … Read more

Why does Nequi fall so much? This is how the people of Cartagena are affected | THE UNIVERSAL

Nequi without a doubt has become one of the platforms most used by people from Cartagena. The mobile application has changed the way of paying in some stores and establishments. However, how do the people of Cartagena resolve when the platform falls? The application has had an important reception in departments such as Antioquia (18.7%), … Read more

Miss Peru: what does Rosa Elvira Cartagena do after being removed from the contest for lying?

A complaint for theft has been registered in the beauty pageant, Miss Peru. One of her participants decided to resign after being publicly denounced. But, this is not the first time that the beauty pageant has been involved in a scandal, in 1999 Rosa Elvira Cartagena she was dismissed for lying about her participation in … Read more

Hospital Universitario del Caribe Vaccination COVID-19: University Hospital of the Caribbean benchmark for Vaccination COVID-19 | Cartagena

The Hospital Universitario del Caribe, intervened by the National Superintendency of Healthhe was accountable to the citizens and presented the main achievements during the year 2021year during which it was consolidated as benchmark for public health in the region by leading the vaccination process against Covid-19 with the application of 21,451 biologicals. From the first … Read more

Antonio Cartagena shows off Mercedes Benz, but his daughter with hypotonia receives a pension of only 354 soles, denounces Magaly Medina celebrity | SHOWS

THE HIGH! the sauceboat Anthony Cartagena He was exposed in the Magaly Medina program wearing his luxurious Mercedes Benz car, while his daughter, who suffers from hypotonia and needs a lot of care, only receives a pension of 354 soles. The ‘magpie’ could not stand that the singer does not cover the expenses of his … Read more

Magaly Medina publishes unpublished photos of her vow renewal with Alfredo Zambrano in Colombia | celebrity NNDC | PEOPLE

Almost a month after a romantic vow renewal in Colombia, Magaly medina He shared images of this celebration for his fifth wedding anniversary with the notary Alfredo Zambrano. The show host did not want her more than a million followers on Instagram to miss details of her ceremony, the same one that took place in … Read more