Cartoon of the week | The quirk of the Russian vaccine

Your support is essential At this key moment in Nicaraguan history, accessing reliable information is more important than ever. That is why, at CONFIDENTIAL, we have kept our news coverage free and free for all, without paywalls. This commitment to citizens would not be possible without the support of our readers. Therefore, we invite you … Read more

Crusader soldiers whose remains appeared in two mass graves in Lebanon

Thank you for reading Crusaders soldiers whose remains appeared in two mass graves in Lebanon, and we assure you that we always strive to please you and now with the details Jeddah – by Talal Al-Hamoud – Archaeologists have found two mass tombs containing the remains of European soldiers from the time of the Crusades, … Read more

Did Diab leave Beirut “to escape” from the judge’s questioning of the port crime?!

Immediately, social networking sites in Lebanon were abuzz with the news of the departure of the former Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, from Lebanese lands, after a second summons was issued against him by the judicial investigator in the crime of the Beirut port explosion, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar. Commenting on this information, the atmosphere surrounding Diab … Read more

Mortal Kombat Cartoon Shows Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy Beating Scorpio | Games

The almighty Shaggy from Scooby-Doo has appeared in the screen saver of the cartoon Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms. This is a reference to a meme and a fan petition to add a hero to the fighting game. At the very beginning of the cartoon, when showing the Warner Bros. Scorpio appears on … Read more

Pixel 5A price and specifications.. the 10 most important information about the Google phone

Cairo – By Iman Abdullah – A few days after the launch of the Pixel 5A phone from Google, the device managed to capture the attention of many customers around the world, for several reasons. It comes at the forefront of the reasons that put the Google phone in the center of attention, its appropriate … Read more

The frequency of the Cartoon Network channel CN ​​in Arabic 2021

The frequency of the Cartoon Network channel CN ​​in Arabic 2021, many parents are looking for the frequency of the new Cartoon Network channel in Arabic because of the distinctive content dedicated to children that it broadcasts. Cartoon channel in Arabic is considered one of the channels loved by children, as it shows a number … Read more

Zoom: How to transform yourself into a cartoon character for the online meeting – Webmix

Online meetings have been with us for several months now, and it seems like this won’t change anytime soon for many company employees. For a little distraction in the dreary everyday office life, you can therefore present yourself as a comic figure from time to time, as long as the boss knows how to joke.

A woman wearing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon was stabbed in a park in London

A 39-year-old woman was hospitalized for a minor cutting wound after an attack on Haid Park Speakers’ Corner on Sunday afternoon, the capital’s police said. A video posted on YouTube shows a man wearing a hooded swinger approaching a woman holding an umbrella and hitting it with a knife several times. Then the man took … Read more

Watch the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with the participation of the Egyptian delegation “video”

/ 641696/ see-the-opening-ceremony-of-Olympics-Tokyo-2020-with-the-Egyptian-Mission-participation-video Today, Friday, the world is witnessing the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, through the opening ceremony, which includes participating missions from various countries of the world, in which Egypt participates with its largest delegation, and Dot Al Khaleej reviews the date and channels of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo … Read more

The frequency of the open channels that carry the match between Egypt and Spain today in the Tokyo Olympics, Egypt VS Spain Olympics

The frequency of the open channels that carry the match between Egypt and Spain today in the Tokyo Olympics is what fans of the round witch of the Egyptian team participating in the Tokyo Olympics football are looking for, and we will provide you with the details of today’s most important matches in local and … Read more