“I can’t believe it…” This week’s ‘Mt. Nahonsan’ cast devastated everyone now (Video)

This week’s MBC ‘I Live Alone’ performer is attracting attention. Below is MBC ‘I Live Alone’ On the 11th, on the official Instagram account of ‘I Live Alone’, a trailer for the episode of ‘Gian 84’, which appeared as a performer this Friday, was uploaded. The appearance of Kian 84 in the released video was … Read more

New version that links Cinthia Fernández and Pasti: “The entire cast knew they were together”

Written in SHOWS the 10/1/2022 · 14:05 hs About a week ago a new scandal between Cinthia Fernández and Matías Defederico increased after The former player confirmed that his relationship with the dancer ended because she was unfaithful to him with his castmate Pasti. After her statements, in “Intruders” Paula Varela managed to speak with … Read more

Rebel, age of the cast: how old are the actors of the Netflix series in real life | Series | FAME

“Rebel” Is available in Netflix since January 5, 2022 and tells the story of another generation of artists who come to the Elite Way School (EWS) to fulfill their musical dreams, but first they will have to face the Lodge, a secret society that they believed had disappeared. MORE INFORMATION: What does the end of … Read more

The cast of actors Na Young-seok PD cast for a variety show were all astonished.

A great prediction has been made. Below is YouTube ‘Channel Fifteen’ On the 4th, on YouTube ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’, a preview video of tvN’s entertainment program ‘Business Trip Fifteen Nights 2’ was uploaded. In the released video, Na Young-seok PD found ‘Artist Company’. ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’ is an entertainment delivery service in … Read more

“Lamb”. What is the movie about? Information, plot, cast. Where to watch?

Dreamy and at the same time serving violent motives, Icelandic “Lamb” is another, after “Midsommar. In broad daylight”, “Dziedzictwo. Hereditary” or “The Lighthouse”, a hit from the American studio A24, specializing in genre cinema in a refreshed version. Although one hoof is inherent in folk beliefs, this thrilling film tells a thoroughly modern story about … Read more

New Year’s Eve concert, here is the complete cast of singers. At Petruzzelli it ran for 1,200 seats. Tickets available on the web

Boomdabash, Annalisa, Sergio Sylvestre e The Colors. But also Patty Pravo, Riccardo Fogli e Michele Zarrillo. Unveiled the full cast of guests of the year-end concert at the Petruzzelli theater in Bari which will be broadcast on Canale 5. To lead the evening, Federica Panicucci, the undisputed queen of New Year’s Eve signed Mediaset. Spotlight … Read more

The cast of “Sex And The City” supports women who accuse Chris Noth

Los Angeles, USA The stars of “Sex And The City”, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, regretted the allegations of sexual abuse against their co-star Chris Noth and supported the alleged victims in a statement. Last week, two women accused the actor, known for playing Mr. Big on the show, of two separate … Read more

Sonic Frontiers tells us more with his voice cast

Game news Sonic Frontiers tells us more with his voice cast Published on 12/18/2021 4:06 PM Distilled in a dropper, information concerning the next game in the saga dedicated to the famous Blue Hedgehog, however, continues to be disseminated. Sonic Frontiers thus gives us valuable indications with an overview of the list of actors in … Read more

“Diary of a Gigolo”: Star cast of the series

Telemundo The miniseries “Diario de un Gigoló” will hit Telemundo screens in January 2022. Through a promotional video, Telemundo presented the protagonists of the new miniseries “Diary of a Gigolo”, a 10-episode melodrama that is scheduled to premiere in January 2022. The video contains interviews from the renowned international cast including Spanish actor Jesús Castro … Read more