Guatemalan woman joins the cast of “Despierta América”

Loraine Quinto surprised with the news of her joining the cast of the Hispanic program broadcast in the United States “Despierta América en Domingo”. IN OTHER NEWS: Role of the Guatemalan actor in Chicago PD will be the lead in the new season The Guatemalan woman is from now on a member of the show … Read more

Changes in the cast of “Lego Masters”. Bednarek without a job on TVN

Thus, Bednarek, who became famous years ago thanks to the “Mam Talent!” Program, but in recent years was mainly associated with TVP, then returned to the station where he started his career. However, it seems that the artist did not stay in TVN. However, the industry portal did not disclose the reasons for terminating the … Read more

“Yes, Grandma paid for everything.” Pugacheva’s grandson is tired of the “shadow” cast by relatives

“Maybe if I were Petya, but with the same musical taste, ambitions, generally the same person that I am – I would be admired. If I were simply Petya, they would say to me – a rascal, he comes from the countryside and creates such music! Just like other rock music genre artists. What are … Read more

José Piñera and the cast: “The only solution is the individual capitalization system”

The former Minister of Labor and Social Welfare during the dictatorship, José Piñera, again launched his darts against the pension distribution system. Through the magazine Economía y Sociedad -of which he is director-, Piñera revived the arguments of his book “The Bell to the Cat” published in 1991, to criticize the distribution, in a context … Read more

Find an easy-to-express outlet for realistic themes, and the original cast returns to “Youth Pie 2” – Teller Report

International Online News: Yesterday, the reality TV series “Youth School 2” directed by Li Shaofei and starring Zhang Jiayi, Yan Ni, Zhao Jinmai, Guo Junchen, Jiang Guannan and Han Peiying was launched on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. “Youth School” achieved good results in 2019 with the national popularity of “family fun”. The story … Read more

Dragon TV’s “City of Philharmonic” ushered in the peak duel, the top ten actors returned to witness, the strongest cast of the year is about to be announced – yqqlm

Source title: Dragon TV’s “The City of Philharmonic” ushered in the peak duel and the top ten actors returned to witness, the strongest cast of the year will be announced soon Live up to the love, the strength shines! This Friday (July 15th) at 21:20, the first national musical cultural promotion program “The City of … Read more