PS Awards 2021 will be announced, and the top three global sales of “Original God”, “Evil Castle 8” and “World Football Competition 2021” | 4Gamers

Organized by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the grand event of the PlayStation camp “Playstation Partner Awards 2021 Japan Asia” today (3) opened the main event “Grand Awards”. “World Football Competition 2021 Season Update”. Related Reading:The first wave of PS Awards 2021 winners list, 8 awards including “Legend of Breaking Dawn”, “FFXIV”, “Amho no Saki Inahime” The … Read more

Status of Miloš Zeman ONLINE: Baban visited Zeman, the castle published a photo

Babiš after meeting Zeman. According to the Prime Minister, resigned Andrej Babiš (YES), President Miloš Zeman is in good condition. “I’m surprised how well his health has improved and how well he’s doing.” said the prime minister in resignation after a meeting at the ÚVN, which lasted about 30 minutes. “That’s good news.” Babiš continued, … Read more

“Fantastic Adventure: Little Tina Assaults the Dragon Castle” EGS is free for a limited time, and “Edge of Forbidden Land 2” DLC is on sale separately | 4Gamers

Before Thursday night, the Epic Games Store platform unpreparedly released a limited-time free game, “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep” (Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep) is currently on the Epic Games store for a week For limited-time free events, just log in to the EGS platform and go to the store page to receive … Read more

The castle changed the date when Zeman pardoned the businessman Podroužka – ČT24 – Czech Television

On the day of signing, ie 9 September, the decision to waive the suspended sentence entered into force. The cessation of criminal prosecution did not come into force until September 13, when it was co-signed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. On September 14, the president’s spokesman Jiří Ovčáček stated in a press release that Zeman … Read more

The Devil in Me will take us to the castle of the first US serial killer.

Delve into the place where the killer HH Holmes lived in the new installment from the creators of Until Dawn. The Supermassive Games team has proven capable of scaring their players with titles like Until Dawn or franchises such as The Dark Pictures Anthology. Continuing with this latest saga, the developer has published a trailer … Read more

“Evil Castle” protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine will participate in “Fortnite”

Epic Games Following“Quick Whirlwind”Later, Epic Games continued to add more Capcom content to “Fortnite”, this time it’s the turn“Evil Spirit Castle”The two legendary characters Chris and Jill (also known asMaster Unlocker), the game also brings“Evil Spirit Castle Village” Middle Chris’ coat style, and“Evil Castle 3”Jill’s vest shape in the middle. In addition to the characters, … Read more

The main opponent of the BIS director will continue to work at the Castle. His contract • RESPEKT was extended

Former BIS director of analytics Jiří Rom, who was employed by Prague Castle last summer after leaving counterintelligence and whose name Miloš Zeman later linked to efforts to get rid of BIS director Michal Koudelka, remains in the presidential office. The castle originally accepted Roma for a year, but has now extended his contract. “The … Read more

Strict warning about Gediminas Hill: we may lose the Upper Castle Palace and the West Tower

If the National Museum, which has maintained the symbol of Lithuania, decided to terminate the contract with the long-term maintenance project developer Hidroterra due to technical errors, the subcontractor of this company Vilnius Gediminas Technical University warned about possible threats of landslides not only in and other parts of the mountain. Warns of landslides According … Read more

A castle for four million. The Bzí estate is at auction, both Bartošová and Kachyňa were filmed in it

Bzí Chateau near České Budějovice has changed several owners in modern history and has fallen into disrepair for a long time. The bailiff eventually issued an order to sell the property, so it is now up for auction. The starting price is 4.2 million crowns. The castle from the 14th century became famous thanks to … Read more

Beatrice Maria Luise Margarethe von Hochberg-Pless is dead. She was the last countess of the Hochbergs born at the Książ Castle

Beatrice Maria Luise Margarethe, Countess von Hochberg-Pless and Baroness of Książ, died in Munich at the age of 92. The Książ Castle informed about the death of the last woman from the famous Hochberg family. The aristocrat visited the family estate in Lower Silesia a few years ago. Prince Bolko’s sister was the last woman … Read more