Do you remember Simona from Life in the Castle? Hrachovcová has changed significantly again, she loves experiments – From the screen and behind it – Cocktail

Viewers in Slovakia associate the actress Kateřina Hrachovcová with the popular series Life in the Castle, which was broadcast by Czech Television with great success in the nineties (1995-1998). Photo: ČTK / Krumphanzl Michal Actresses Kateřina Macháčková and Kateřina Hrachovcová during the filming of the series Life at the Castle. In the family saga, which … Read more

Watch .. two fans looking for “beer” and were surprised to enter the palace of a Qatari sheikh! • Observatory Newspaper

Exclusive translation: Two England fans revealed that the son of a sheikh of Qatar hosted them in his palace in Doha. Alex Sullivan and his friend known as “John” indicated that they were looking for beer, and ended up hosting them in a luxurious mansion after they reached it by chance. by “metro” In one … Read more

Lightning Castle invaded and shot Singha Chao Tha 3-1, definitely dominating the first leg of the Thai League crowd.

Buriram United defeated Port FC 3-1 and took the throne in the first leg of the Thai League crowd. Hilux Revo Thai League 2022/23 football match, match 14 on November 19, 2022 at Pat Stadium, Buriram United, the leader of the crowd with 33 points, enters the field as a visiting team, meets the Port … Read more

The Nasroto Choir sings Istiklal at Rashaya Castle this Sunday…and these are the details

Father Marwan Ghanem, head of the Nusroto Association, announced the Independence Day recital, which will be presented by the association’s choir under his leadership and under the auspices of the Rashaya al-Wadi municipality and the Environmental Gathering Association in the Rashaya district. The media recital will be presented by Hala Al-Murr, which will be held … Read more

The father of “Evil Castle” Shinji Mikami is suspected to be working with Capcom and Platinum Studio to create a mysterious new work – Computer King Ada

According to the latest news, Shinji Mikami, the father of the “Evil Castle” series, is suspected to have started his latest work plan. To be careful, this will become a collaboration with Capcom and Platinum Studio. remake of the game. Many old players are not unfamiliar with the influence of the character Mikami Shinji in … Read more

The abandoned castle hides dozens of rare cars. It is not far from us

Some old car cemeteries hide unsuspected treasures, and it’s an eternal shame that the ravages of time are sometimes merciless. Fortunately, this is not the case in this case, and the best pieces are in the pool. When you look at the video attached below and our rich gallery, you probably think the same thing … Read more

Elon Musk organizes a Halloween celebration at Dracula’s Castle in Romania / Article

Celebrities, businessmen and other well-known people dressed in different costumes already arrived yesterday evening at the so-called Dracula’s Castle in central Romania. The venue was booked and the party was hosted by billionaire Elon Musk, who made headlines this week after completing the deal to buy Twitter. Some guests arrived in the city of Brasov … Read more