Brother for brother. The millionth catch of NABU

Photo: NABU OASK judges found millions of cash at brother’s apartment The anti-corruption authorities exposed two lawyers who had received a bribe of 100 thousand dollars, who promised to resolve the issue in a lawsuit through the scandalous head of the OASK Pavel Vovk. NABU continues to investigate corruption in the Ukrainian judicial authorities, namely … Read more

Simple guide to catch Diggersby in Pokemon GO

Diggersby will be a featured Pokémon in the evento Spring into Springbut how can you catch it? Part of the Spring into Spring event, which runs from Sunday April 4 through Thursday April 8, is a collecting challenge. Most Pokémon players will need to catch it coinciding with the Easter theme, including Exeggutor, Azumarill, and … Read more

I have to catch Samsung Semiconductor… A look at the semiconductor issue of Hwang Jung-soo after the US nuclear bomb was thrown

WSJ “A US company is considering acquiring Kioxia in Japan” M&A may threaten the world’s No. 1 Samsung Electronics Expected to conclude a 33 trillion won contract in late spring Industry leading “virtually impossible to take over” analysisMicron, WD’s lack of cash holdings“Even if it is acquired, it will only be part of the stake” … Read more

Jablonec did not catch up with Sparta, no goal was scored in Ďolíček

Jablonec footballers drew in the 25th round of the first league on the Bohemians 1905 field without goals. The North Bohemians did not build on the previous three league victories and from the third position they have a three-point lead over Slovácko, which played two matches less. The “Kangaroos” did not lose the fifth round … Read more

A lion digs in the ground for 7 hours straight … and suddenly finds a “valuable catch” • Al-Marsad newspaper

Exclusive translation : A video revealed that a lion digging in the mud for 7 continuous hours until it found a pig and devoured it, according to the “Daily Mail” newspaper. The video showed that the pig tried to escape from the lion and hide inside the hole, but the predator made continuous digging until … Read more

Italian police catch spies | Abroad

Both are charged with espionage and serious crimes against state security. Italian media reports that they were caught red-handed when the Italian, a frigate captain, gave secret documents to the Russian in exchange for money. According to the ANSA news agency, these are also NATO documents. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the … Read more

“Suez Canal” sailing simulation game appears on Steam to catch up on current affairs, it is expected to be available in April | 4Gamers

After a week in the Suez Canal, the Changci Freighter Hengka came out of the news. It also brought many memes to the world due to Internet communication. Nowadays, catching up with this current trend, game developers have aimed at business opportunities and are preparing to launch ” “Suez Canal” (Suez Canal Simulator) game new … Read more

Scientists Catch Radio Emissions From Mysterious Galaxies, The Shape Of The Solar System Is Similar To A Jellyfish

TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM – Scientists are puzzled by strange radio emissions from distant galaxy clusters that are shaped like giant jellyfish. The resulting image of the source of the strange sound shows that it has “a head and tentacles”. Adding to the mystery is that the “cosmic jellyfish” emit only the lowest radio frequencies, and cannot be … Read more

Henderson is racing to catch the European Cup

England coach Gareth Southgate said on Saturday that midfielder Jordan Henderson is racing to catch up with this year’s European Championship, as the Liverpool captain continues his recovery from a thigh injury. Henderson underwent thigh surgery last month after suffering an injury during Liverpool’s 2-0 loss to local rivals Everton at the Merseyside summit on … Read more