The black panther is heading for Budapest: they have not been able to catch the beast for a month

A few days after examining the clues, it was reported that it could be a black panther trying to capture it. After long weeks of waiting, another sighting was reported last weekend, this time the beast 120 kilometers from the first scene, He “applied” next to Szolnok. Based on the route you took, is it … Read more

Elon Musk showed “Mechazilla.” He will catch landing missiles in flight

He’s measuring 140 meters and one day it could intercept space rockets and ships directly from the air after returning from the Moon and Mars. The richest man in the world and the head of the most famous private company operating in the billion-dollar space industry, Elon Musk, for the first time himself showed footage … Read more

Underestimating the difficulty and cost, the CCP failed to catch up with advanced chip technology | Wuhan Hongxin | Quanxin

[Epoch Times, January 10, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ting comprehensive report) In recent years, the CCP has spent huge sums of money to catch up with the world’s most advanced semiconductor manufacturers, but it has not been successful.Two of the start-ups either closed or ceased operations, which never materializedchipcommercial production. The Wall Street Journal … Read more

La ROH s’invite à Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill

The Ring of Honor may be on hiatus until April 2022, but that doesn’t stop it from being seen. Indeed, during Impact Wrestling’s January 8, 2022 Hard to Kill PPV, we had an invasion of Mike Bennett as well as his wife Maria, Matt Taven, Vincent and PCO to attack Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie … Read more

Replacement for Beauguel? Pilsen wants to catch the league’s top scorer Jurečka in the summer, but it also has an offer from Poland

Source: FK Jablonec Martin Doležal’s eight-year engagement in Jablonec is definitely over. The 31-year-old striker, who is a member of the wider Czech national team, is moving to Ekstraklasa, Poland, where he will defend the colors of Zaglebie Lubin. As a replacement, the 14th Fortuna League team currently announced the arrival of Jan Silný from … Read more

Catch your chance before the 2022 model.. the cheapest cars in Egypt during January

Many citizens want to own a car of their own, so they are constantly looking for suitable prices for cars with good capabilities commensurate with their financial capabilities, so we present to you the best 5 cars in Egypt during January 2022 The cheapest cars in Egypt during January لادا جرانتا لادا جرانتا Mohamed Amir, … Read more

A revolutionary solution that changes the color of your car with one button. But it has a catch

In addition to the premiere of the electric model BMW iX M60 The German carmaker also introduced other news at the Consumer Electronics Show, ie CES 2022 in Las Vegas, USA. These are directly related to the mentioned model of the electric car, because the German manufacturer also introduces a large series of innovations. Picture: … Read more

Orius Gasanov, who travels more than before the pandemic, told how he manages not to catch the virus

Gasanov, who prepares popular travel shows on television, says that the Adventur exhibition is an extraordinary opportunity to discover your own travel directions, find out about the changed travel conditions and find out the travel news, according to a press release. Just before the trip to Turkey, the journalist, who returned to Vilnius from Thailand … Read more

Premier League’s first four catch and fight Manchester City’s narrow victory over the red and blue war undecided | Arsenal | Liverpool | Chelsea

[Epoch Times News on January 3, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Li Rongshi comprehensive report) January 1-2, local time, the 21st round of the 2021-2022 English Premier League, played in the top four teams in the standings Catch and fight. “Leader”Manchester CityIn stoppage time, he fluke 2:1 to reverse the fourth place in the away game.Arsenal.Second placeChelseaAt … Read more

Ruslan Kirilkin says he has received a threatening message from Žilvinas Žvagulis: “I will catch you”

“Happy New Year, Ruslan! I read your message to the bar “Grafaitė”. I am currently waiting for a copy (posts, edits) from the owner. If you mentioned my name there and mentioned it as in the press … Run, run, b ***, away. I’ll catch you. I promise in the near future. “I will tear … Read more