In Canada, they deal with runaway cows, even cowboys couldn’t catch them

It all started this summer in the village of Saint-Barnabé, located about 1.5 hours from Montreal. The cows took advantage of the fact that their enclosure had a damaged fence and fled into the dense and inaccessible forest in the neighboring village of Saint-Sévère. They always stayed in the forest during the day and at … Read more

Index – Abroad – Here’s the secret, how to catch the Russians

The past nine months have been depressing for the Russian IT sector, which has suddenly entered a defensive phase after three decades of development. Sanctions and the mass withdrawal of multinationals have eroded the industry’s access to foreign capital and technology. And tens of thousands of Russian IT professionals have left the country since the … Read more

Ornithologist has been able to catch escaped emu for days: ‘You have to know how’ | inland

The escaped emu who outsmarted the police and animal ambulance for days in Lutten, Overijssel, has been caught. The animal ambulance called in a ratite expert who managed to catch the animal on Saturday, writes The Stentor. “You just need to know how.” The animal ambulance received the first reports about the wandering emu on … Read more

They catch Nodal allegedly looking at a fan’s cleavage

Christian Nodal en Las Vegas, Nevada 2022. (Photo by Valerie MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images) MEXICO CITY, November 22 (EL UNIVERSAL).- The controversy does not stop persecuting Christian Nodal, who was now called “Happy Eye” by his followers, after a fan posted a video on social networks in which the … Read more

A big catch for the Vaudois police

Hundreds of cannabis plants were seized. The police intervened this week in Chexbres in a house which housed a cannabis culture. On site the quantity of plants was such that it was necessary to bring a truck the next day to take away the goods. Total value: approximately 800,000 francs.

An easy catch for the eyes of the cameras.. “Zoom” is chasing a paper that does not leave Biden

Once again, US President Joe Biden “reveals” the error of “instruction” papers to adhere to regarding “when to sit… when to take a picture… when to shake hands…”, this time while attending the G20 summit. It showed a close-up of the president sitting and going through a list of instructions that read “You will sit … Read more

Cars with scanners went to the streets of Wrocław. They will catch non-payers for parking [ZDJĘCIA]

The regular inspections in the Paid Parking Zones announced by the Roads and City Maintenance Authority in Wrocław have started with the use of scanners placed on cars. After months of testing, specially marked electric Nissans check whether drivers are really paying for parking. Two electric Nissans equipped with a special scanning system set off … Read more

Catch Einstein’s Ghost to the Nobel Prize and the technology of “Star Trek”

There are 3 award winners: Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zelliger for works related to “Quantum Entanglement” or “Quantum Entanglement” when mentioning “Quantum entanglement” fans of science fiction movies. It often reminds me of science fiction movies. “Star Trek” (Star Trek) at Captain Kirk (In the first Star Trek TV movie, released in … Read more

Kayaker has to share catch with hungry sharks who try to snatch fish from his hands: “They suddenly attacked”

The American Connor Walsh regularly goes out with his kayak to fish off the coast of Hawaii. In August, he had a terrifying moment when he hooked a 20-kilogram tuna, only to discover he wasn’t the only one preying on the fish. Three hungry sharks wanted to steal his catch, bit it off and tried … Read more

Can iPhones catch viruses? Eight tips to defend yourself

Although it is very difficult to be hit, even a iPhone cannot be considered completely safe from computer viruses. Smartphones produced by Apple can be infected with malware in various ways, even by simply opening an online page or a PDF file capable of performing a «jailbreak»the infamous process that removes Apple-imposed software restrictions in … Read more