Parisi, controversy with her daughter: “She wants to catch some likes”

Among the interviews of the new edition of Beaststhe one that saw the protagonist Heather Parisi it was certainly the one that raised the most controversy. In particular, the answers that the former dancer gave when aroused doubtful perplexities in the public Francesca Fagnani asked her to talk about her private life and her family: … Read more

The Volkswagen Group will try to catch up with Tesla with the largest investment in its history

March 15, 2023 10:47 The objective of closing the gap with Tesla has always been one of the Volkswagen Group’s priorities and became an obsession for the former CEO of the conglomerate, Herbert Diess. In an effort to conquer the electricity market, the old guard made not entirely correct decisions that today must be redirected … Read more

Video: They catch him and they go over him! Culiacán high school students stone the car of a man who touched himself

center Through a video that circulates on social networks, it is observed that the students throw objects at the man’s car, when they realize what he was doing Culiacán, Sin.- A man’s vehicle was hit by students from a Culiacán high school, when he was discovered when he was on top of his car touching … Read more

Pokémon GO: March 2023 Community Day date | Niantic | video games | Date and Time | Special catch | Slow poke | DEPOR-PLAY

Pokémon GO is in an interesting streak of content that you can not miss. During December 2022, the developer company Niantic enabled a special Community Day where all the outstanding creatures of the year appeared. While in the first months of the year, it enabled up to two of these events. In March the dynamics … Read more

Hitters are trying to catch up to Blue Jays’ Manoah, but he’s staying ahead –

Arden Swelling March 8, 2023, 5:30 PM DUNEDIN, Fla. — Alek Manoah loves tests like Wednesday’s. A Minnesota Twins lineup full of names he didn’t recognize. Nine hitters with a combined 160 MLB games played in 2022 — 112 of them belonging to Willi Castro. No video to watch; not much in the way of scouting reports; … Read more

Wild Catch WhatsApp Tablet Mode Will Switch to Double Panel Interface Design-ePrice.HK

The instant messaging program WhatsApp continues to develop new features, many of which are being officially launched, and were even “wild-caught” by the website WABetaInfo before the open beta. Some functions under development will be available to all users in the official version after testing, but there are also some functions that have been decided … Read more

How often does an electric car catch fire? – Charged

Electric cars are growing in popularity, but their potential to catch fire is scaring people in the headlines. How many electric cars catch fire every year? Do they pose a danger to drivers and passengers? As electric cars become more popular, news portals are increasingly reporting their possibility of catching fire. Regardless of whether the … Read more

Residents of Central Buton Catch Alive 9 Meter Python in Garden

Central Buton – A number of residents of Central Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi (Southeast Sulawesi) caught a python measuring 9 meters. The snake was found by residents while looking for coconuts in the garden. “Initially there were children here they were looking for coconuts in the garden, now they saw a snake under a coconut … Read more