The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá reopens | Weekend plans – Bogotá

Zipaquirá opens the doors of its municipality and the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. From October 1, this modern wonder will receive visitors from Cundinamarca, Bogotá and the country with the respective biosafety standards. “Cundinamarca is a magical setting for tourism, all kinds of tourism, it is a rainbow for tourist activities. Now begins a week […]

The annual concert of Raimonds Tiguls has been performed at the “Open-Air Cathedral” in Tiguļkalns / Article /

Concerts in Tiguļkalns, Talsi, have become a tradition. On August 8, in the birthplace of the ninth-year-old grandfather of the musician – on the hill of the oak circle, which resembles an open-air cathedral – listeners drove to a free concert. Some chose to lay a blanket closer to the stage, others listened to the […]

Video shows rare lightning strike on Antwerp Cathedral … (Antwerp)

The thunderstorm that hit Antwerp on Friday evening after a scorching hot day has produced spectacular images. From the Handschoenmarkt it was filmed how lightning struck the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. Nik Nielandt made the images from De Oude Koormarkt. “I’ve lived there all my life. So during a thunderstorm I always look […]

Attack on the cathedral. The cardinal: “I hate the Church”

The crucifix burned by fire – Social Attack on Managua against the Cathedral. Last night a man threw a Molotov cocktail inside the church, causing a fire that damaged in particular an ancient and revered crucifix. There were no injuries, but the attack profoundly affected the community of believers and aroused strong indignation. The fire […]

The moving funeral of Michał Giercuszkiewicz in Katowice. Józef Skrzek’s organ in the church, a blues harmonica under the cathedral

Friends and family. Józef Skrzek playing the organ during the funeral ceremonies at the Cathedral of Christ the King, representation of Silesian artists. Marcin Krupa, the mayor of Katowice or Łukasz Kohut, an MEP and a blues fan at the same time. Music lovers. On Friday, July 31, Michał Giercuszkiewicz, the legendary drummer, said goodbye. […]

The fire of the cathedral in Nantes was the work of an arsonist. The accused confessed to the crime

The accused, a 39-year-old Rwanda national, was questioned by investigators last weekend, but was later released. “There is no evidence linking my client to the fire,” his lawyer said at the time. In Nantes, they investigate the cause of the cathedral fire. One man is in custody Read the article › However, according to AFP, […]

Hagia Sophia is just the beginning? One of the Arab emirates demanded the return of the famous cathedral in Cordoba to the Muslims

One of the Arab emirates has demanded the return of the famous cathedral in Cordoba, the former mosque to Muslims, Spanish TV Antena3 reported. Television referred to the declarations of the ruler of the emirate of Sharjah, Sultan III ibn Muhammad al-Kasimi from an interview for Sharjah News. Sharjah is the second largest emirate after […]

“I set fire to the cathedral” – Libero Quotidiano

He confessed before the magistrate who asked him to be theauthor of the fire that on 18 July the diocese volunteer arrested yesterday for the second time damaged the cathedral of Nantes. Man, a Rwandan asylum seeker 39 year old arrived in France a few years ago, he was immediately the main suspect: he was […]

An altar boy confessed to being the author of the fire in the French cathedral of Nantes: “Talking was a liberation”

Fire in the cathedral of Nantes (AFP / Europa Press)A week after the fire in the Nantes cathedral in western France, the main suspect, a Rwandan volunteer, confessed to being the author of the criminal act and was immediately charged and placed in preventive detention. “My client cooperated” with justice, Quentin Chabert, the man’s lawyer, […]

Volunteer confesses: I set fire to the cathedral of Nantes – World

A week after the fire in the cathedral of Nantes, in western France, the Rwandan volunteer from the diocese, who had been stopped and then released, confessed to having caused the flames by lighting the three triggers inside the church. The volunteer’s lawyer, who was struggling with the renewal of his residence permit, said his […]