In Brussels, protests against the constraints of COVID-19 caused great damage to the city

According to journalists in the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, when the police managed to evict the rallies from the 50th anniversary park of Belgian independence near the headquarters of the European Union’s institutions, the area was reminiscent of a “battlefield”: many pillars shards of glass for headquarters and restaurants. According to La Libre Belgique, a … Read more

MS may be caused by the same virus as mononucleosis

Medical science has long believed that multiple sclerosis (MS) can be caused by the widespread herpes virus Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which gives you mononucleosis, better known as mononucleosis. But only now do researchers at Harvard University dare to say that it is probably correct. This is based on an extensive research of blood samples from … Read more

Microsoft has fixed the Patch Tuesday bug that caused the VPN to break in Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft has fixed the Patch Tuesday bug that caused the VPN to break in Windows 10 and 11 Eric Lawson Microsoft’s monthly patch updates Tuesday are aimed at Windows in general to fix Problems, but not always the way things are. The January updates, released last week, caused quite a few problems for businesses in … Read more

The wind caused the most damage in Kurzeme; several passenger buses crash due to weather conditions

January 21 at 9:38 am Updated on January 21 at 2:11 pm Last day, the SFRS received 139 calls, of which 80 were related to strong wind damage. Most of the calls were received from Thursday at 14.00 until midnight and mostly in the Kurzeme region. It was mostly necessary to remove broken trees from … Read more

Omicron’s high transmissibility is not caused by an increased viral load

BOSTON – The rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is not due to its higher viral load as might have been hypothesized. Two studies, carried out in Boston and Geneva, suggest that this mutation is more contagious because it better escapes from vaccine-generated or cured antibodies. The US research was based on … Read more

Weems, who clashed with a local, have caused Chinese displeasure – they have received racist insults

Guangdong Southern Tigers striker Sonny Weemsas faced racists who attacked the player. After a duel with Liaoning’s FLying Leopards, the 35-year-old striker received Chinese insults and calls to leave the country. Such dissatisfaction of the locals was caused by the fighting between S. Weems and the film Han Dejun during the match. This season, S. … Read more

Volcano in Tonga caused ‘unprecedented disaster’ – News

The huge volcanic eruption in Tonga Saturday caused a tsunami of up to 15 meters that caused an “unprecedented disaster” in this country, destroying houses and killing at least three people, said his government. “An unprecedented disaster has struck Tonga,” the government said in a statement on Tuesday after the violent eruption of the Hunga … Read more

Microsoft fixed a bug Tuesday in the patch that caused the VPN to break in Windows 10 and 11

ARISH LAWSON Microsoft’s monthly patch updates Tuesday for Windows is commonly referred to agree on problems, but it is not always so. The January updates, released last week, caused some problems, especially for businesses. A very serious bug, especially for people dealing with infected remote work systems. Disconnect some kind of VPN connection. A few … Read more

3 deadly conditions caused by sleeping too much

Excessive sleep, which can be caused by many different reasons, can trigger brain and heart imbalances. Here are the reasons for sleeping too much, the diseases it triggers and the ideal sleep time. Sleeping little and being sleep deprived is definitely not good, just as sleeping too much is not healthy. Hypersomnia, a sleep disorder … Read more

Terrifying views in Mława. The storm caused a real Armageddon – o2

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued a second level warning against strong winds. It applies to virtually all of Poland, but especially to the northern part and will be valid until 23:00 on Monday. Weather forecasters issued alarms against strong gusts of wind, blizzards or blizzards, heavy snowfall and icing. Strong winds in … Read more