The detail that caused the split between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

After 9 months of a relationship that seemed ideal, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson separate. A breakup that sent shockwaves through fans of the Kardashian family as the couple seemed closer than ever and ready to move on. The comedian had notably mentioned his desire to become a father in the years to come and … Read more

Dry Skin Caused by Allergies, Here Are the Facts – There are several objects that are identified by the body as dangerous foreign objects. At this time, the body’s immune system works by protecting the body from bacteria and viruses working to protect against these objects. At this time, the object is known as an allergen that causes allergic reactions in the body. … Read more

For the first time, a strange burst of energy caused by a star collision has been seen in space

TALK NEWS – Researchers have, for the first time, managed to observe one of the most powerful flashes in the sky caused by the collision of a star and a neutron star, by radio astronomy with a millimeter wavelength. First reported by The Independentthe discovery was made by researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois and … Read more

Two deaths caused by monkeypox

It was therefore Friday, July 29 that the first deaths took place outside Africa in connection with monkeypox. A 41-year-old Brazilian has become the first victim of the virus outside Africa. The regional authorities, however, clarified that the man had serious comorbidities so as not to panic the population. The Spanish authorities, on the other … Read more

Must Know! 5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Caused by Oral Sex

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A person can get sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex. The infection can be transmitted through sperm, vaginal fluids, or other body fluids. For this reason, sexually active people must understand how sexually transmitted infections are transmitted and the dangers of sexually transmitted infections in order to reduce the risk of … Read more

French forest fires partly caused by laxity

AFP NOS News•Wednesday, 17:37 Frank Renout correspondent France Frank Renout correspondent France French forest fires are partly caused by the French themselves flouting the rules en masse. A Senate special committee finds they are doing too little to remove vegetation from around their homes, which could cause fires to spread more quickly. In high-risk areas, … Read more

NASA says Tonga’s volcanic eruption caused 58,000 Olympic pools of water to erupt into the atmosphere

When the Hengja Tonga-Hung Hapai volcano erupted under the sea on January 15, 40 miles (65 kilometers) north of Tonga’s capital, it caused a tsunami and a sonic boom that reverberated around the world — twice. The explosion sent a long plume of water vapor into the stratosphere, which lies between 8 and 33 miles … Read more

The story of Abu Nawas selling wine caused the king to be furious, this is how he escaped and the king laughed – There’s always a way for Abu Nawas not to be scolded by the King Harun ar rasyid. Every action that is done there must be a mistake that makes the king angry. But Not Abu Nawasif can’t make the king become angry because of actions Abu Nawas. Abu Nawas himself became famous for … Read more

4 Diseases Caused by Mosquito Bites – In addition to triggering itching, bites mosquito can also spread disease. In fact, an assistant professor of entomology from the University of California Riverside says that mosquitoes can be the most dangerous animal in the world. The World Health Organization also reports that more than 50 percent of the world’s population is currently … Read more

There are more and more bright clouds in the night sky, and now we know they are caused by rockets

Photo: NASA / Dave Hughes Space launches, and more specifically morning space launches, are causing spectacular bright clouds to appear in new areas, according to recent research published in the journal Earth and Space Science. About 80 kilometers The highest clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere float above the ground. calls clouds noctilucentesmesospheric or polar mesospheric, … Read more