Liga MX Clausura 2020: Chivas, without coronaviruses face to return to training

Liga MX Clausura 2020 53 tests on the first team were negative Chivas is free of coronavirus. Imago7 0 commentsComment Brizuela supports the return of the repechage Champions of Liga MX that they played playoff Cso a month after confirm a case of coronavirus within the campus, the team Chivas I announced that after a … Read more

Liga MX Clausura 2020: Clausura 2020 is canceled due to coronavirus and Liga MX makes it official that there is no champion

Liga MX Clausura 2020TOThe League ends without having a champion for the first time in history Clausura 2020 is officially canceled ANDa is official. The tournamentClosing 2020It was canceled this Friday, May 22, due to thecoronavirus pandemicthat lashes our country. The contestIt also ends without having a champion for the first time in history.All this … Read more

Liga MX: Which teams would seek to have Clausura 2020 canceled?

Liga MXThe big four would prefer to resume the competition The resolution on Closing 2020 would take place on Wednesday.Imago7 ANDlClosing 2020Hang on a wire. Its resumption would be impossible due to theeconomic and calendar havoccaused by thecoronavirus pandemic in Mexicoand the world. Reports indicated that after a meeting between team owners and the president … Read more

Liga MX Clausura 2020: Chicharito says goodbye to his grandfather: “I remember him a lot; I find it hard to exercise”

Liga MX Clausura 2020 The striker thanked the support and love for the death of Toms Balczar Chicharito bids farewell to his grandfather J Friday Chicharito Hernndez I hugged his heart and, for the first time, spoke about him. death of his grandfather Toms Balczar, To whom I dedicated some emotional words through an Instagram … Read more

Liga MX Clausura 2020: Antonio ‘La Tota’ Carbajal remembers Toms Balczar as a great

Liga MX Clausura 2020 “He was one of my best classmates in his selection” La Tota signs a ball during an event in Len. Imago7 TAfter the unfortunate death on Sunday morning, of the former player Toms Balczar, the reactions have not been long in coming from the footballing environment, such is the case of … Read more