Hot! Rockets Fired at Israel During Armistice

Gaza City – Militant group Palestine existing in the region Gaza Strip fired a rocket into the area Israel the south when a ceasefire was in force. The Gaza militant alliance claims there was a “technical error” in the latest rocket launch into Israeli territory. As reported ReutersMonday (15/5/2023), ceasefire mediated by Egypt was reached … Read more

Gaza, ceasefire agreement between Israel and Jihad. Images of Palestinian houses in rubble after five days of bombing

On the fifth day of fighting still marked by rockets from the Strip and Israeli raids on Gaza, a tiring day arrives cease-fire mediated by Egypt. The agreement announced by Israeli television took place at 10pm on Saturday 13 May local time, 9pm in Italy. Yesterday was full of tension, with fed rocket launches to … Read more

The negotiated ceasefire between Israel and the radicals from Gaza did not prevent further attacks

Just minutes before the scheduled start of the ceasefire, The Times of Israel reported new Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, as well as sirens sounding in Israel, signifying new rocket attacks from Gaza. The army later confirmed that two rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. One was intercepted by … Read more

Palestinian Authority: Agreement with Israel on ceasefire

PROTESTS: A woman takes part in a protest in Gaza City after it became known that the Palestinian Khader Adnan has died in Israeli captivity on 2 May. Photo: MOHAMMED KNOW / EPA Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza have agreed to a ceasefire from Wednesday morning, according to Palestinian authorities. It happens after … Read more

After death of prisoner – Israel and armed groups in Gaza agree ceasefire – News

After the death of a hunger striker in Israeli custody, there was a massive rocket fire from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. On Tuesday evening, Israel responded with an airstrike on the Gaza Strip. A ceasefire was agreed on Wednesday night. The Israeli army on Wednesday morning declared a “complete return to routine” in the … Read more

The agreed ceasefire has become empty words: Sudan continues to be rocked by explosions

The army and the RSF militant group confirmed on Sunday night that the ceasefire, which was due to end at midnight, was being extended for another 72 hours. However, new cease-fires, like previous ones, are not observed. In Sudan, the units of army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan have been fighting the RSF fighters led by … Read more

The ceasefire agreement has given civilians and foreigners the opportunity to leave Sudan / Article

The Sudanese army led by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, commanded by Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo, agreed late Monday to a 72-hour ceasefire that began at midnight, brokered by the United States. The ceasefire agreement has allowed civilians and foreigners to leave Sudan There is no certainty that the truce … Read more

Sudan: Ceasefire extended, airstrikes continue, thousands flee their homes – BBC News 中文

Lyse Doucet BBC Chief International Correspondent May 1, 2023 image source,AFP via Getty Images image captiontext, Evacuees rest on board a Saudi naval vessel en route from Port Sudan to Jeddah on April 30. Port Sudan is quickly becoming a key evacuation hub as violence continues between Sudan’s junta and military groups. The BBC’s chief … Read more