“Wretched, wretched!” WHO explodes against Napoli celebrations

From the organ they condemned the agglomeration when the authorities do not advise doing it yet for fear of a re-outbreak. To the World Health Organization (WHO) he did not like the images that came from Italy, where, despite coronavirus, hundreds and even thousands of followers of the Naples they came out to celebrate the … Read more

Illegal parties in Puerto: organizer could go to prison

Dany Tobías Wharff, according to the authorities, would be the man responsible for organizing the last two electronic parties that were intervened this past weekend in Puerto Colombia and where the protocols and biosafety regulations that remain in force in the midst of the emergency have been violated health due to Covid-19. The man, who … Read more

EA Sports: FIFA 21 will not have some scoring celebrations to reduce toxic behavior of players

FIFA’s silence gesture, known in the gamer community as shush, will not be available in the next installment of the EA Sports soccer simulator The goal celebrations in EA Sports’ FIFA soccer simulator replicate many of the choreographies and the distinctive postures of the scorers of flesh and blood. However, some of these expressions can … Read more

TSJCyL rejects the appeal of Christian Lawyers against the Order that limits the capacity in religious celebrations

VALLADOLID, 4 (EUROPA PRESS) The Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León has denied the precautionary measure requested by Christian Lawyers consisting of the suspension of the application of the preventive health measures that are included in the Annex to Order SAN / 810 / 2020, of September 1. The … Read more

COVID-19 reduces annual celebrations honoring the culture and heritage of various cultures

This month would have been filled with parties, culinary events, and gatherings that seek to honor the culture and contributions of San Diego’s diverse communities. They would have mariachis playing cute and beloved Mexico, while the girls with folk dance groups would move their colorful skirts in unison. There would be rallies to celebrate National … Read more

Esports: FIFA 21 – EA Sports New Game Celebrations Walkthrough

Updated 09/22/2020 at 12:20 PM EA Sports already announced that FIFA 21 was going to have several improvements, changes and other details that differentiate this game from the previous one. For today June 22 it was announced that the expected tutorial of the new celebrations would arrive. It should be noted that some celebrations have … Read more

Rodríguez Larreta announced more facilities: gastronomic terraces, construction and celebrations of worship

Rodríguez Larreta press conference The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, announced this Friday that starting next Monday the city of Buenos Aires will take a new step in its quarantine flexibility plan. It will include facilities for patios and terraces of gastronomic establishments, constructions of more than 5,000 square meters, medical … Read more

Three capital communes join the suspension of National Holidays celebrations by Covid-19 | National

CONTEXT | Sebastián Beltrán | Agency One visits In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, at least six capital communes they have suspended the activities that they traditionally carry out for the National Holidays. In the first instance, it was the Municipality of Ñuñoa that announced the suspension of the celebrations at the National Stadium, … Read more