“Latvijas balzams” has sold three properties near the “Z-Towers” complex

The properties at 7 and 7B Daugavgrivas Street, as well as at 28 Rankas Dam, have been sold to the owner of the Z-Towers complex development company JSC “Towers Construction Management” – the company “SPI RE Holdings” registered in Luxembourg. The real beneficiary of both Latvijas balzama and SPI RE Holdings is the Russian-born businessman … Read more

Jānis Ķirsis and Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse congratulate everyone on Christmas with the song “Our Heat”

“This is a song about the solstice. About forgiveness. About time, place and love without borders, »says composer Jānis Ķirsis, who has his first encounter with Imants Ziedons in this music. This composition is one of the main cornerstones of the concert program “Song of the Soul”, which both artists planned to play throughout Latvia … Read more

PHOTO: A tornado is crashing over a Belgian city, breaking down its roofs and breaking glass

On Saturday, the roofs of the buildings were torn down, the windows were broken, cars were damaged, it can be seen in Belgian media reports. Tornado damage in the city of Borena +7 See more 92 buildings have been damaged, but about ten buildings are no longer habitable, media reports. People who were on the … Read more

Bill Kaulitz shows a child’s photo in which he is wearing a pink swimsuit

In recent years, there has been repeated speculation about Bill Kaulitz’s sexuality. “I always find all these categories so difficult, and I find love is so much more complex. (…) I was in love with a man, I was in love with a woman. I’ve had both and I know what it feels like, “said … Read more

Estonia becomes a multimillionaire at night

He spent 30 euros that evening. As the man rarely plays, the win was unexpected. Estonians living in Finland still cannot believe in their happiness: “I’ve never won anything in my life and I was very surprised because I don’t like gambling too much.” For the money won, he plans to build his dream house. … Read more

Soul singer Macy Gray pleads for new American flag | Celebrities

CelebritiesThe current flag of the United States has been around since 1959, but according to Macy Gray (53) it is time for a new design. The soul singers suggest in an opinion piece for Market Watch that the American ‘Stars and Stripes’ needs a new design. According to Gray, known for the number 1 hit … Read more

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi celebrate 16 years of marriage: photos on Instagram

Editorial board June 20, 2021 3:56 pm A toast with a view of San Pietro and Castel Sant’Angelo, but more than for the view, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti had eyes for each other: the former Roma bomber and the showgirl crossed the finish line on Saturday 16 years of marriage, and they celebrated with … Read more

Mail may have to wait longer after July 1

The post pointed out that there may be difficulties in situations where the data required for customs clearance of a consignment will be lacking, for example, it will not be possible to determine the value of the consignment, which will make customs clearance impossible. At the same time, Latvijas pasts has invested approximately 285,000 euros … Read more

In Brazil, the number of Covid-19-related deaths exceeds half a million

Brazil is now the second country in the world to surpass pandemic deaths, after the United States. In the United States, the figure is now almost 602,000. More than 17.8 million Brazilians have been confirmed to be infected with the Covid-19 virus, but some 800,000 new cases of coronavirus have been reported every day recently. … Read more

VIDEO: influencere Elīna Didrihsone openly lists the artificial beauty procedures she has performed

Where are the boundaries from which beauty becomes a habit, is everything natural beautiful and all artificial – artificial and redundant? What makes women subject to painful and sometimes irreversible manipulation? Is it a desire to be always young, complex or just a passion for everything beautiful? The scandalous influencer and businessman Elīna Didrihsoni will … Read more