Actress Anne Heche dies a week after being involved in a major car accident

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Her spokeswoman, Holly Bird, told AFP that the actress On the hashAnd after her brain functions were completely disrupted, "She was officially declared dead, according to state law California"adding that her heart was still working with devices to facilitate the process of donating her organs. For its part, the Heish … Read more

M Busarakham Luk Ma Jokmok reveals the reason why her father had to have plastic surgery after meeting the bully

“The problem of drooping eyelids and eyelashes has been happening in my life for 4-5 years. Whoever says anything doesn’t listen. I’m not going to do it, you surgeon. People will find out Dad is already handsome I don’t want to remove the logo of the stubbornness. and my father endured it for many years.” … Read more

“Nicha”, beautiful and hot, changes the look of her new hair color, embarrassed to answer the status of “Tono” if she calls her girlfriend.

“Nicha”, beautiful and hot, changes the look of her new hair color, embarrassed to answer the status of “Tono” if she calls her girlfriend. They are another couple in the entertainment industry who are very close to each other, but have never heard of them calling each other a girlfriend. for singer actor “Tono Phakin” … Read more

Back to the answer, Mong Lon, Anna Sua-ngam-iam talk until grabbed Miss Universe Thailand 2022

causing the beauty queen’s fans to join in overwhelming congratulations for the contest “Miss Universe Thailand 2022” (Miss Universe Thailand 2022) This year, the victory belongs to MUT 19. “Anna Suea Ngam Iam” The one and only beauty of Siam that is perfect in every degree. It also meets the concept of “NEW BEGINNINGS” or … Read more

A pair of best friends “Pluster-Praewa” join hands to make a YouTube program. “Prae Plus Nadjoy” prepares to release funny powers

Ready to come back to create smiles and laughter for fans to see after a lot of drama since the beginning of last year for a pair of best friends “Pluster Pornpipat Pattanasetthanon“ and “Praewa Nichapat Chatchaipolrat” holding hands to overcome obstacles Both love and work, until now the state of mind is better. Ready … Read more

“Lee Thanatap” ripped off the character Full of mafia looks in the series “Mama Gogo. Mother comes to control … hot bar boy” : Maya Channel

Considered tearing down the character, deleting the image of a good-looking young man with warmth as a young man in a microwave that fans Screaming out loud. For the hot young protagonist “Lee-Thanat Loh Sombat” with the role of “Chen” in the sexy romantic comedy series “Mama Gogo. Mother comes to control … hot bar … Read more

Bella Ranee went to the temple to make merit and told Dharma to allocate them to meet. The news linker Weir got married.

Called to be encouraged by the fans. overwhelming For the hottest female protagonist “Bella Ranee” who came back to be single for a long time Most recently, yesterday (3 July 65), she posted a picture of her beloved mother at the temple to make merit together warmly. with a short caption but can feel the … Read more

Praewa Nichaphat reviews the second round of covid infection, telling about his illness more severe than the first round

from the previous actress “Praewa Nichapat” came out to inform the news of the Covid-19 infection by posting pictures ATK Two lines up on twitter and tweeted a message mocking himself, saying, “I was so crowned that I thought Wuhan would be a legend. No more stuck. In conclusion, I didn’t survive. I apologize to … Read more

Anas Jaber is the first Arab and African to occupy the runner-up in tennis

Tunisian Anas Jaber became the first Arab and African player to rise to the position of the Women’s Tennis Association “WTA”, after she continued her historic rise on Monday. Jaber, who rose to second place in the world rankings on Monday, reached the second round as well, with a quick victory over Sweden’s Miriam Björklund … Read more

After his car crash, Ronaldo compensates the injured

The Spanish agency, “Marca”, reported that the famous football player, Manchester United striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, decided to compensate the owner of the country house who crashed as a result of the skidding of his Bugatti Veyron, which cost about 1.7 million pounds, which was driven by his bodyguard before to lose control of it.The report … Read more