iPhone: so you can draw perfect figures on your cell phone | trick 2022 | nnda | nnni | DEPOR-PLAY

Los iPhone They have several functions to customize the images, one of them is to create perfect figures without the need to be an art expert, since the same device transforms the drawings into well-done lines. Under this premise, you can create circles, arrows, or all kinds of shapes in your photos, notes, screenshots, PDFs, … Read more

Dementia is eaten! Authorities in the field of nutrition named this food, don’t eat too much, beware of brain cell damage|cognitive impairment|vascular dementia|Alzheimer’s disease|Health 2.0

“Eating too much meat may lead to dementia!” Colin, who is known as “Einstein in the field of nutrition”. Dr. Campbell mentioned that animal foods lack antioxidants, the brain is vulnerable to free radical damage, and the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia is higher. cognitively impaired 10% higher risk of developing dementiatimes Cornell University … Read more

The new cell phone that is a “tank”: it only costs $59,000 and is super complete

Motorola has already released its new moto g32 cell phone for sale in Argentina, which many point out as a great option between price and quality. Look. There are more and more cell phones and models that go on the market continuously in Argentina and in recent days a new option that is already marketed … Read more

Black Screen of Death: The most common cell phone mishaps – and what you can do about it

– The most common cell phone breakdowns – and what you can do about it The smartphone display remains dark during the dreaded Black Screen of Death. This problem – and several others – can be easily and quickly eliminated with three troubleshooting methods. Published: 23.11.2022, 14:43 We see that we see nothing: a smartphone … Read more

Minister Valditara: “Stop using cell phones in class during lessons”

The Minister of Education and Merit Joseph Vallettara wants to ban cell phones in class during lessons. “Get cell phones out of class during class hours,” he said when interviewed by Monica Setta for the Rai program “The comparison“, which will air on Saturday. The proposal, explained the minister, goes in the direction of guaranteeing … Read more

Splinter Cell: Ubisoft tells us a bit about the changes in the next remake

Forgotten for some time, the Splinter Cell license has been talked about since last year, with the announcement of a remake. What to give a boost of nostalgia to Ubisoft which takes the opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series, with various speakers who come back to its origins, while revealing some details … Read more

“Detainees can smoke in their cell”: the man who made threats in a hospital set himself on fire in Saint-Gilles prison

The man who made threats Friday at Sainte-Anne Hospital Saint-Remi d’Anderlecht died on Monday afternoon after setting fire to his own cell in the morning and being seriously injured. “He set fire to his cell. He was seriously injured. He had severe burns and was transferred to the military hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek where he sadly … Read more

Woman suffers the theft of her cell phone and takes revenge against the motorcycle

The subject took the phone from her in the middle of the street, but the driver decided to act quickly to get it back. A woman decided to take revenge on a thief who had stolen her cell phone by running him over in full public thoroughfare Cartagena, Colombia. It is a fact recorded in … Read more

The remake of Splinter Cell can be played without killing, the original game is temporarily free

<!—-> First, the original Splinter Cell is temporarily free. You can download it on PC from the Ubisoft Store here, until November 30. For the sake of interest, you can have a period review read here on Bonusweb. The second thing concerns new information about the upcoming remake of the first part. We know from … Read more

This could be a big bang: the solar cell that produces hydrogen is coming

Researchers at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium have developed a hydrogen panel that uses sunlight to convert water vapor in the air into hydrogen. According to their claim, the panel can produce 250 liters of hydrogen per day, with an efficiency of 15%. The development is carried out in the framework of the … Read more