Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms: The Cell Phone Sign To Spot

Advertising However, they added that “this is not specific, as similar effects may occur in other neurological diseases, most commonly diabetic neuropathy.” They added: “However, it may be of interest to investigate the usefulness of this sign, either as an instant screening test in the practitioner’s office or even for self-screening by patients at risk, … Read more

History that repeats itself: from cell phone chargers to connectors for electric cars | TECHNOLOGY

Recharging an electrified vehicle is similar to that of a cell phone: it needs to be connected to an electrical source. However, there are details that users should be aware of. Basically there are two recharging modes: through an alternating current network, which is known as a slow or medium power charge, and which is … Read more

List of iPhone cell phones that will not be updated in 2022 after a new version of the operating system | AppleiOS 16 | NMRI EMCC | TECHNOLOGY

With the new version of the iOS 16 operating system presented at the beginning of June, Apple announced significant improvements in terms of operation and performance for our equipment. However, and as is customary in the apple company, after the arrival of this new version of the system, a new list of equipment was provided … Read more

“For years he has denounced the Foggia mafia and bad politics, the Prosecutor’s office has kidnapped his cell phones”. The case on the “Fatto Quotidiano”

“Francesco Pesante is accused of receiving stolen goods, journalist and director of “The Immediate”, an online newspaper from Foggia that for years has denounced the affairs between the Foggia mafia and bad politics ”. Thus begins the article de “Daily fact” on case of the seizure of the telephone from the reporter of the Foggia … Read more

First patient successfully treated with stem cell gene therapy

(Photo: Key City). Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center have successfully treated a baby with the serious congenital immune disease SCID with stem cell gene therapy. It is the first stem cell gene therapy from Dutch soil that has been administered to a patient. Worldwide, it is the first stem cell gene therapy for … Read more

Cell phones | Batteries | The 10 cell phones with the longest lasting batteries Up to more than 10 days without using a charger! (And Why These Teams Aren’t For Everyone) | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

No fear compares to the one we have when we only have 5% battery left on the phone when we are away from home. Fortunately, as technology advances. companies have released equipment with long-lasting batteries. Within this range of mobile devices, we name the most outstanding. As seen in other lists, models such as those … Read more

How Sweatcoin works: the app that pays for walking | Technology

Sweatcoin is the name of the application for mobile devices, which, through GPS, records the steps taken by the user and for every thousand steps, approximately, delivers 1 sweatcoin, a virtual currency with which different products or services can be exchanged. To give an example, 3 million steps are equivalent to a monthly subscription to … Read more

Is it good to restart my cell phone in the event of a failure and how often do I need to do it? – Teach me about Science

The most common solution that most people apply when they notice that their cell phone starts to work slower, freezes in some application, or simply does not respond, is to restart it; this is the “old trusty”. Undoubtedly we all have. Tired and desperate that our mobile devices do not work at full speed, or … Read more