Accused of stealing cellphones, boy from Padang dies molested on ship bound for Makassar

KATASUMBAR – A boy from Padang was reported to have died because he was abused aboard the Dharma Kencana 7 motorboat (KM). The ship sailed from Surabaya to Makassar. The boy is known to have the initials DP. Quoted from, DP was reportedly killed after being accused of allegedly stealing a passenger’s cellphone. The … Read more

Price list of the latest Xiaomi cellphones June 2022, the cheapest Xiaomi Redmi Note 9A, this is the price

BANGKAPOS.COM – Currently Xiaomi become a mobile phone brand that has many users in Indonesia. A mobile phone brand from China that has a large market share in Indonesia. Smartphone Xiaomi famous for its characteristics as a cellphone that has good specs but at an affordable price. One of the secrets why Xiaomi able to … Read more

iPhone 11 Slashes Prices Crazy, Cheap is Increasingly Competing with Chinese Cellphones! Plus the God’s Specs are Speeding – iPhone 11 has now been in decline price which is quite significant. No wonder when HP Apple This is getting more and more popular. Whereas, iPhone 11 this is HP output that is quite old. Also Read: A piece of the story behind Iran, which still retains the F-14 Tomcat fighter jet, made … Read more

Cellphones recovered 100 percent, new evidence appears, Tangmo Nida apparently didn’t die in the water

GORONTALO TERRACE – A new evidenceit turns out Tangmo Nida not die from airthis hint was found post cell phone the artist did it recovered on a 100 percent basis. After cell phone Tangmo Nida recovered 100 percent and new evidence appear, Panida the mother became more convinced that her child was killed, because there … Read more

Bring 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, this is the Vivo V20 and Oppo A93 cellphones which are again insanely discounted today 28 May 2022

SUKABUMI MANTRA – Here’s a review HP I live V20 and Oppo A93 brings 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM which is still at an insane discount as of today, May 28, 2022. Even though they both carry 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, HP I live V20 is also equipped with a 4000mAh battery capacity, while the HP … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 930 and Helio G99 promise longer battery life in simple cellphones

In addition to showing the world its first processor supporting 5G mmWave, MediaTek also took advantage of its space at Computex to announce two new chips: the Dimensity 930 and the Helio G99 LTE. The duo are focused on promising good performance in simpler cellphones, even clashing with devices aimed at the gaming audience. Starting … Read more

The figure of the Sikka Regent, Fransiskus Roberto Diogo, who expelled the Head of Service for playing with cellphones during a meeting

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Regent’s figure Sikka, Francis Roberto Diogo suddenly came into the spotlight after expelling the Head of the Food Security Service, Hengky Sally. Henky Saly was kicked out by Francis Roberto Diogo for playing with cellphones during a meeting in the Regent’s Office III Floor Hall SikkaWednesday (25/5/2022). Quoted from, the meeting was … Read more

Samsung-Apple fined for selling cellphones without a charger

Samsung and Apple were fined millions of USD. A Brazilian court considers the two cell phone manufacturers to be fined for selling phones without charging devices in boxes. Fine to Apple: A court in Brazil in April ordered Apple to return 1,081 USD to a customer because there was no “charger” in the box. Break … Read more

Check out 5 Samsung brand cellphones with a Stylus Pen, writing like handwriting on a smartphone screen

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Existence stylus pen on smartphone able to speed up movement on the touch screen when compared to using a finger. You don’t even have to bother typing, just use stylus pen to write like handwriting on a smartphone screen. One of the manufacturers who often enliven mobile phones with stylus this pen is … Read more

Inspector General Napoleon Denies Bringing Cellphones in Detention Center-Threats M Kace: He Lies a lot

Jakarta – Irjen Napoleon Bonaparte denied M Kace’s accusation that he had brought WL (HP) to the Criminal Investigation Unit. Napoleon called M Kace a lie. “It’s a big lie, where can there be cellphones at the Bareskrim Detention Center. Ask the Criminal Investigation Unit, ask the Criminal Investigation Department,” said Napoleon after the trial … Read more