Usbek & Rica – 80,000 mouse brain cells were used to build a living computer

MONITORING / Researchers have managed to build a “living” computer from tens of thousands of mouse brain cells. The process of building the computer is similar to that used to create brain organoids, also known as mini-brains, which are clusters of neurons used as simple information processors, as well as to study intelligence herself. Capable … Read more

Control mosquitoes by demobilizing their sperm cells

About the episode Mosquitoes can transmit all kinds of nasty diseases. Everyone knows malaria, but the family of our own house-garden-and-kitchen mosquito can also give us West Nile virus, African horse sickness, Rift Valley fever and encephalitis. Mosquitoes also have their own important place in ecosystems, but if we had more control over some populations, … Read more

Live 150-year-old pediatric Harvard professor finds an anti-aging gene switch that allows cells to continue to repair | Overseas Chinese Daily

Live 150-year-old Harvard professor of pediatrics finds an anti-aging gene switch that allows cells to continue to repair Publication Date: Sunday, March 19, 2023 Text Size: Anti-aging technology has become one of the most concerned medical projects after medical beauty. Last year, the global anti-aging market exceeded 60 billion US dollars. Wanting to delay aging, … Read more

Dementia Prevention Brain Department Authoritative Physician Teaching OK Finger Gymnastics (Photos) Brain | Cells | Nerve Cells | Nursing | Nursing Center |

Dementia can be prevented with finger exercises or a little thoughtfulness in your daily life. (Image source: Adobe Stock) See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites. dementiaThe most serious problem is care. The degree of need for care is mainly divided into five stages according to the degree of independence of the patient’s … Read more

What is the Function of Red Blood Cells? Check out the Meaning Here!

In the human body, there are red blood cells that have a very important function and role to maintain organ function. Red blood cells or erythrocytes it works by binding oxygen from the lungs that comes from breathing and then being distributed to all tissues of the human body. In erythrocytes contained hemoglobin (Hb) which … Read more

How do cells communicate about a virus infection?

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – When a virus invades, so-called first responders let other cells in their environment know that they are infected. These first responders are the first to produce signaling proteins known as type I interferons, or IFN-Is. This kickstarts the production of IFN-Is in other cells, including immune cells. “That creates a kind of domino … Read more

New technology maps where and how cells read their genetic material

Bild: Section: Professor Rongfan. Photo: Yale University The work can increase understanding of potential genetic targets for drug treatment and contribute to more individually tailored treatments. – In the future, we will be able to use this technology to truly understand how cancer-promoting and cancer-inhibiting genes are regulated by epigenetic mechanisms in each individual patient. … Read more

Brain cells inspire new computer components

summary: Researchers have developed more powerful and energy-efficient memristors that, based on the structure of the human brain, combine data storage and processing. The new technology, made from halogenated perovskite nanocrystals, is not yet ready for use because it is difficult to integrate with existing computer chips, but has the potential for parallel processing of … Read more

📰 Discovery of nanoparticle neutralization mechanisms in lung cells

How does the body react when inhaling nanoparticles? Scientists have studied the evolution of molybdenum disulfide nanosheets in mouse lungs up to one month after inhalation. Published in the journal Advanced Materialsthis work shows that pulmonary macrophages can transform these nanoparticles and roll them up in order to reduce their surface of contact, and therefore … Read more