The 32 GB iPad (2019) WiFi + Cellular is lowered to its historic low price on Amazon: 410 euros

Apple iPads are one of the best tablets that you can buy if you want to use the device to entertainment, multimedia content consumption and even to work the extent possible. The 2019 model with 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity is discounted at Amazon to 519 euros 410 euros, its historical minimum price.

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The new Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular 44 mm is reduced to its minimum price on Amazon: 359 euros

One of the new “smart” watches from Apple is the Apple Watch SE, a model that stands out for its value for money and that has a much lower cost than its older brother Series 6. The model in this offer has a slight discount that leaves it for 379 euros 359 euros in Amazon.

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“We got to generate competition and to lower the prices of the cellular plans”

Laura Neira Marciales – [email protected] The arrival of Novator Partners has caused various controversies in the telecommunications sector due to its error in the auction of the spectrum, and due to the recent Avantel purchase. Still, Chris Bannister, CEO of Novator Partners in Colombia, stated that they will come to generate competition and lower the … Read more

This is how much the number portability can cost

From now on it is much cheaper to take the number with you. Since April 20, 2020, mobile operators have only been able to charge their former customers a fraction of the costs they have previously charged for porting the old cell phone number to the new provider. Because the Federal Network Agency has capped … Read more

Corona virus: Keep the pandemic at bay with big data

More and more companies are trying to make the changing mobility behavior of the population transparent with large amounts of data and statistics based thereon in the face of the Coronavirus crisis. The movement information on millions of mobile customers is intended to show whether the citizens maintain the reminded social distance and stay at … Read more

The new Huawei P40 series is here: The Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei P40 are now available in Austria

The first two flagships are now available from Austrian retailers. The Huawei P40 Pro + will follow in summer 2020. Vienna (OTS) – Pioneering camera innovations and the innovative design take smartphone photography to a new level. The Huawei P40 Pro and the Huawei P40 are now available from mobile operators and from Austrian retailers. … Read more

The use of the COVID-19 app is already mandatory

According to a new measure published in the Official Gazette, As of March 26, everyone entering the country must download their cell phone and install the COVID-19 application. Said application must be active for at least the entire duration of the isolation, counted from its entry. The application called COVID 19-Ministry of Health is available … Read more

HUAWEI P40 series marks the age of visionary photography

SHENZHEN, CHINA, June 10 / PRNewswire / – – Huawei Consumer Business Group today launched the HUAWEI P40 Pro +, HUAWEI P40 Pro and HUAWEI P40 smartphone models. They are characterized by groundbreaking camera innovations that radically expand the possibilities of mobile photography and video recording. The HUAWEI P40 series continues the tradition of outstanding … Read more