Kebetu by Koly Tenguela: Censorship spares the crows and goes after the doves (by Oumy Sambou)

Two acts of extreme gravity have just been taken by the regime in place. unfortunately they will pass almost unnoticed and yet it deserves attention.In one week we had one concert canceled in quick succession because the theme was no to 3rd terms in Africa and now we are censoring a series because it threatens … Read more

Christian Domínguez reveals ‘censorship’ to the dance of the worm, after scandal in Ethel Pozo’s marriage | SHOWS

The dance of the worm performed by Christian Domínguez in the marriage of Ethel Pozo, would have ‘brought tail’. The popular “chinvenguenchona nose of cumbia” revealed in a presentation that this controversial dance has been “vetoed”. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: GIULIANA RENGIFO IS AMPAYADA KISSING WITH NOTAR, ANNOUNCES MAGALY MEDINA turns out Christian and the … Read more

Censorship Debate: Should One Artist Censor Another In The Name Of Creative Freedom?

Abdoulaye Mamadou Guissé of the Senegalese Music and Arts Observatory (Omart Senegal) does not at all share this reflection by the great Senegalese filmmaker Moussa Sene Absa. The filmmaker’s analysis is nothing more than an apology for the censorship of works from the renaissance of cinema, series, in short, theater. Moreover, the poet-writer Abdoulaye Mamadou … Read more

Censorship in Harem wo’s Isekai Meikyuu already covered the entire screen — Kudasai

The story of Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo (Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World) couldn’t go any simpler, going between exploring dungeons and having sex, as well as occasionally buying a new slave, the content adds erotic scenes at every possible opportunity, making it difficult for the production to censor the most problematic scenes … Read more

Finland’s prime minister on censorship. “She has changed” – say old friends, and the women support

Sanna Marin, friends from the past believe, has changed a lot. While still studying, which she graduated in 2017, she began to participate in politics intensively. Since 2015, he has been active in the Social Democratic Party of Finland. Already in 2019, at the age of 33, she became the prime minister of the country, … Read more

Cuban actor Ulyk Anello explains why he is not in “Tras La Huella”: “They vetoed me”

The cuban actor Ulyk Ring announced that he will no longer be in the police dramatized after the footprint because he was penalized Cuban television after granting an interview to a Miami journalist and putting a white flower as a profile picture on their social networks. “Let’s see, for all my followers and for those … Read more

Bayonetta 3 will have an optional mode to censor nudity

Now that we know that Bayonetta 3 will launch the October 28 in Switchwe have also been able to learn new details about this new installment, such as having a new playable character and that it will be launched together with a collector’s edition that will arrive the same day as the game. Along with … Read more

Bayonetta 3 will allow us to activate or deactivate censorship: this is how it works

We bring you a new message that has been recently known and is related to one of the most anticipated titles in the catalog on the hybrid console. This time we are talking about Bayonetta 3. Bayonetta 3 after meeting its new trailer and its release datebeside your special editionnow we have been able to … Read more

Russia: anti-war opponent sentenced to 7 years – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 08 – The Russian opponent Alexei Gorinov was sentenced to seven years in prison by a court in Moscow on charges of having spread “false news” about the Russian army for the mere fact of having taken sides against the invasion of Ukraine ordered by Vladimir Putin: Novaya Gazeta Europa reports … Read more

Twitter users denounce that Cinépolis and Cinemex cut the lesbian kiss in ‘Lightyear’; chains deny censorship

Users of Twitter They denounced that in some rooms of the chain Cinépolis and Cinemex did not screen the scene of the kiss between two women in the Disney Pixar movie ‘Lightyear’, for which they criticized the companies for supposedly censoring that part of the film. The accusations come after last June 16 Cinépolis denied … Read more