HRW denounces the closure of a television station in Thailand and condemns media censorship – AlbertoNews

The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has condemned the closure by the Government of Thailand of the television channel Voice TV and has denounced that it “misuses the emergency decree” that the authorities approved to stop democratic protests with the in order to censor the media. Europa Press / Infobae The closure of all online … Read more

Charges are charged against who uncovered the case of censorship of ‘Los pure criollos’ and an inspection of Flip

The case dates back to December 2018 when Santiago Rivas, host of the television show Creole cigars, issued by Signal Colombia, He denounced that the format left the channel’s programming after he published a video in which he spoke about the complications that the implementation of the MinTic Law would have for public media. “This … Read more

Álvaro Uribe: Flip and media associations criticize ruling that ordered Semana to erase interception – Investigation – Justice

A strong controversy caused the decision of the second criminal court of the Bogotá circuit, which ruled in favor of a guardianship presented by the sister of former paramilitary Juan Guillermo Monsalve, one of the witnesses who appear in the file against former president Álvaro Uribe. In the appeal that was granted, the woman assured … Read more

Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo passed the motion of censure in the Chamber – Congress – Politics

With 136 votes for no and 24 for yes, the plenary of the Chamber on Tuesday denied the motion of censure that had been on the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, and gave him its support to continue in office. The appeal was promoted by sectors of the opposition and other parties in this … Read more

Motion of no confidence: How are the charges in the Chamber – Congress – Politics

Despite the fact that the opposition sectors reiterated their accusations to the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, for the cases of abuse of force by the police and the military and the possible contempt for a ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, the majority in the House of Representatives has already closed ranks … Read more

The censorship methods of the Maduro regime: “In Venezuela we have detained even for their WhatsApp status”

The media are persecuted by the Nicolás Maduro regimeWithout democracy there is no freedom of the press, one cannot think without the other. And, as democracy broke down in Venezuela, the same thing happened with freedom of expression. The data is overwhelming, all the reliable sources – Reporters Without Borders, The Press and Society Institute … Read more

Media reject censorship of Semana

The decision of the Second Criminal Court of the Bogotá Circuit, to order Semana to eliminate content related to the former president’s file Alvaro Uribe and the process followed for alleged bribery and procedural fraud, generated rejection among journalistic organizations. The Foundation for Freedom of the Press, the Colombian Information Association (AMI) and the National … Read more

Foreign Ministry pronounces after denunciation of censorship of foreign press – Government – Politics

This Wednesday, the representative Katherine Miranda made harsh remarks against the Government about the possible violation of press freedom in Colombia, mainly against foreign journalism. The congresswoman from the Alianza Verde party warned in a debate that foreign journalists who report on the situation in the country affirm that the Colombian Foreign Ministry has canceled … Read more

Pedro Vaca, promoter of censorship and stigmatization against Uribe opinion leaders, arrives at the IACHR in Washington

The director of the Foundation for Freedom of the Press FLIP was selected for the position of Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression at the International Commission on Human Rights IACHR in Washington. Vaca began his career as a lawyer at the José Albear Restrepo Collective and went to FLIP where he exercised a selective … Read more

Piketty rejects Beijing’s censorship: “No cuts to my book, it won’t be published in China”

PARIS – Thomas Piketty rejects censorship in China, even at the cost of not having his new essay published in the vast market of readers of the People’s Republic. The French economist has gained some fame in China, so much so that President Xi Jinping expressed admiration for his bestseller “Capital of the 21st Century”. … Read more