Central Asian countries have large-scale power outages – Abroad – News

“There was a power outage across the Central Asian power grid,” a spokesman for the Kyrgyz Ministry of Energy told Interfax. As a result, “there is no electricity in the entire territory of the republic,” he said. The reasons for the interruption were not specified in the ministry. According to the latest information, the energy … Read more

The US Central Bank begins reviewing interest rates today.. and the markets are waiting

Global markets are awaiting the outcome of the US Federal Reserve’s (Central Bank) meetings, scheduled for today and tomorrow, amid mounting fears that the Fed will raise interest rates, which may negatively affect stock markets, while contributing to supporting the dollar’s value. Although economists in global investment banks indicated that the Federal Reserve may tighten … Read more

Central – Real Madrid escaped a historic defeat against Elche

Brazilian Eder Militao saved Real Madrid’s leaders from a historic defeat in the suspension at the hands of Elche, by drawing 2-2 in a deadly time, on Sunday, in the 22nd stage of the Spanish Football League. And after overcoming his humble rival with great difficulty by beating him 2-1 on Thursday, after extending the … Read more

The American Bank Goldman Sachs made the statement that would break the morale. Central Bank will be bored

The size of the swap agreements made by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) with foreign central banks has approached 28 billion dollars. While the 6 billion dollar yuan from the China agreement and the 15 billion dollar riyal from the Qatar agreement are reflected in the CBRT reserves, the 2 billion … Read more

Central – Salah is “faint” in Cameroon .. and the reasons are many!

After 3 matches played by the Egyptian team, there was general dissatisfaction with the level of the national team, despite qualifying for the round of 16. The “Pharaohs” team performed poorly in 3 matches, scoring two goals in two shy victories over Guinea-Bissau and Sudan. But the biggest question mark falls on the star Mohamed … Read more

Russia’s central bank has proposed a ban on the use and extraction of cryptocurrencies

Russia has long opposed cryptocurrencies and warns that they can be used for money laundering or terrorist financing. Although the country granted cryptocurrencies legal status in 2020, it banned their use as a means of payment. The central bank warned that bubbles could form in the cryptocurrency market, which could jeopardize financial stability and citizens. … Read more

SOUTH PARK, the new season 25 arrives just after the US from February 4 on COMEDY CENTRAL

From February 4, the merry band of brats from SOUTH PARK arrives on COMEDY CENTRAL, just after the US, for a completely new 25th season! Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle, the immature and rude brats of the cult and offbeat series SOUTH PARK are back and have not said their last word. 25 years of … Read more

China’s central bank cut one-year credit LPR for the second month in a row Business

The one-year LPR was reduced for the second month in a row from 3.8 percent to 3.7 percent. per year. In December, this rate was reduced for the first time in 20 months. The interest rate on five-year loans was cut from 4.65 to 4.6 percent on Thursday. On Monday, the central bank cut the … Read more