Viral Video of Police Masturbating During Video Calls, Here’s the Explanation of the Central Java Police

Jakarta – A video showing a man in uniform the police suspected masturbation viral on social media. In the video, the man in police uniform wears the attributes of the Central Java (Central Java) Regional Police. Reported detikJateng, Sunday (4/12/2022), the video of the man in police uniform circulating on social media. In the video, … Read more

So flatulence can play a central role in our health: “The smell of farts can have unexpected beneficial effects”

They may be “politically incorrect” or even simply disgusting, but farts could play a central role in our health. Both directly, almost as if they were a panacea. Either indirectly, by becoming “spy” of much more complex health problems. For example, the work of David Ancalle, a mechanical engineering student at the Georgia Tech Research … Read more

Misleading advertising: Lidl received a warning from the central competition office

The accusation of the competition center: Due to the wording, customers could get the impression that the price of the pizza would be more expensive with competitors. However, this is not true, as the product can be obtained cheaper from other retailers, including Marktkauf and Aktiv Irma. “This unique position advertising is therefore inaccurate and … Read more

6 Central Kalimantan Police Killers Arrested in Narcotics Village, 4 Still At Large

Sunday, December 4 2022 – 00:02 WIB VIVA Kriminal – City Resort Police Palangkaraya named six suspects in the case beatings Police member Central Kalimantan causing the victim to die. Head of Public Relations of the Central Kalimantan Police Sr. Comr Police Kismanto Eko Saputro when the press released the case at the Palangka Raya … Read more

A European official warns the European Central Bank of the repercussions of raising interest rates

© Reuters A European official warns the European Central Bank of the implications of raising interest rates – Reported Chairman of the Bank’s Supervisory Board European Central Andrea Enrea, today, Thursday, that the European Central Bank does not take into account the fact of a possible economic downturn. Enria also stated that the risks … Read more

Central – Macron is trying to separate the “nuclear” from the presidency… and visits Lebanon for hours on Christmas Eve

While the Lebanese are witnessing today the eighth “episode” of the chapters of transforming the electoral sessions to elect the President of the Republic into an unfortunate charade that has become the most severe condemnation of the House of Representatives and all the political forces and parliamentary blocs walking in the footsteps of the metamorphosis … Read more

The Central Bank is taking on a weaker basis – Newspaper Kommersant No. 223 (7424) dated 12/01/2022

The Central Bank is considering the possibility of extending part of the measures taken in the spring to support the stock market, which expire at the end of the year. First of all, the professional participants ask to keep the relaxations in accounting for blocked foreign securities and their ratings when calculating the capital of … Read more

Details of the government and the Central Bank stopping the initiative to finance the industrial and agricultural sector at an interest rate of 8%

Government confirmed andcentral bank In yesterday’s meeting, Tuesday, the granting of new financing or use within the framework of the industrial, agricultural and contracting private sector initiative stopped at a return rate of 8%, provided that the used balance of the initiative is gradually paid in accordance with the terms of the granted facilities, with … Read more

KNAB calls for the removal of the chairman of the Central Committee from his position

The call of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) to remove the chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CVK) Kristini Bērziņa could be seen at the meeting of the Saeima Fractions Council, such a possibility was raised today at the meeting of the Parliament’s Mandates, Ethics and Submissions Commission. Legal solutions to the situation … Read more