How will TOGG’s orders be? CEO Gürcan Karakaş told…

THE MOST ENVIRONMENTAL DYE SHOP IN EUROPE Europe’s cleanest paint shop was established in Gemlik. With a “volatile organic compound” emission of less than 5 gr/m2, it is the cleanest in Europe with a value of 1 9th of the legal limit in Turkey and 1 7th of the legal limit in Europe. TURKS ARE … Read more

Samuel Bankman-Fried, FTX’s ousted CEO, the man no longer worth $16 billion

Samuel Bankman-Fried, en juillet 2022. FTX / VIA REUTERS Samuel Bankman-Fried, or “SBF” to his fans, is a pure product of the American elite. Born in 1992, he is the son of law professors from the prestigious Stanford University and studied physics and mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Within MIT, he notably … Read more

The CEO of Dassault Aviation denounces a German “pseudo political announcement” about the SCAF

The announcement made on November 18 by the German Ministry of Defense about an agreement found between Dassault Aviation and Airbus over next-generation fighter [NGF – New Generation Fighter]i.e. the No. 1 pillar of the Air Combat System of the future [SCAF]was not one… And the media frenzy that it aroused had no reason to … Read more

what pushed Disney to replace its CEO?

From executives and shareholders to employees and customers, the discontent at Disney over Bob Chapek’s management became increasingly palpable at the close of the last two years, the only ones he held as CEO and which, unfortunately, coincided with the Covid crisis and the highest inflationary spike in the United States in four decades. Bob … Read more

Kenya: Njeri Jomo, new CEO of Jubilee Health Insurance

Jubilee Health Insurance (JHI), the Kenyan insurer spun off from Jubilee Insurance Company (since late 2019), has appointed Njeri Jomo as Chief Executive Officer according to a statement released to the press on November 18, 2022. Previously, the head was Director of Retail Business Development at Britam Group. She has also held several positions of … Read more

Blizzard CEO Responds to the Contract Renewal Event: Concerned about Chinese players will not “stumble”

The contract renewal between Netease Games and Blizzard Games has affected the hearts of domestic players.Will Blizzard games really stop serving in China? According to news on November 21, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime replied to players, “There has been a lot of debate on this topic recently, but partnerships are two-way.Blizzard will do everything possible … Read more

The new CEO of the cryptocurrency FTX bankruptcy case revealed a shocking inside story | Fried | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, November 18, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Takasugi compiled report) Earlier on Thursday (November 17), FTX CEO Ray submitted a document to the Delaware Bankruptcy Court in the United States.Which revealed that as the world’s largestcryptocurrencySo many amazing inside stories about this company, one of the exchanges. cryptocurrencyThe exchange FTX officially filed for bankruptcy … Read more

Is the FTX hacker SBF himself? New CEO: SBF hacked into FTX and transferred assets under the order of the Bahamas government |

FTX’s latest court filing shows that the company accused the Bahamian government of gaining unauthorized access to FTX’s systems in order to withdraw assets after filing for bankruptcy, but did not specify which transactions were unauthorized and how.(Recap:FTX Bankruptcy Progress” only found 740 million mg of cryptocurrency; Alameda had a secret immunity that “wouldn’t blow … Read more