deadlines, security, doubts and certainties of the most advanced projects

Few times in the history of humanity have so many people shared the same common hope and as tangible as the arrival of an effective remedy against the coronavirus that allows us to return to normality as we knew it until just a year ago. The scientific muscle of the whole world is focused on … Read more

Certainties and doubts about the airborne transmission of the coronavirus

Airborne transmission is for many scientists the main route of transmission of the coronavirus. The theories that justify the propagation power of SARS-CoV-2 in this way are more and more numerous. According to these experts, contagion occurs when we emit virus-laden particles when we speak, breathe or cough. The very small size of these aerosol … Read more

Bárcones demands certainties from the Board for the start of the school year

Palencia, Aug 6 (EFE) .- The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOECyL, Virginia Barcones, has asked the Junta de Castilla y León to return to the path of consensus that gives “certainties” to the educational community and works so that the school year start safely. During a press conference offered this Thursday in Palencia after … Read more

more questions than certainties about your health

Trump, on his way to the Maryland hospital for admission. The explanations that have been given today about the health of Donald Trump, hospitalized for coronavirus since yesterday, are contradictory. While doctors treating him at Walter Reed Hospital said the US president is “very well” and not on oxygen, White House Chief of Staff Mark … Read more

Plasma against COVID-19: a path without many certainties

This old therapy has always been on the radar of medicine to face new epidemics. Today there are 135 clinical trials underway to see if it can be effective against the new coronavirus. One of them is Colombian. Why has it generated so much expectation? More than eight months have passed since the emergence of … Read more