Seize the opportunity.. The highest return on savings certificates in banks in Egypt in 2023, before they were suspended by the Central Bank

The savings certificates in Egypt for the year 2023 are among the highest value savings certificates during the last ten years, and these certificates enjoyed high rates of purchase in the two banks of Egypt, namely the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, and this is due to the profitable investment return from these … Read more

A woman from Noszlop worked as a nurse with false certificates

A young woman got a job as a nurse in one of the settlements around Pápa with fake certificates. The Veszprém County Police Headquarters information according to the head of the health institution, on the afternoon of January 25, the police was notified that one of their employees had used false certificates to verify the … Read more

“It has been known for two weeks.” A banking expert on the decision to suspend the 2 certificates

07:33 PM Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Books – Muhammad Abu Al-Majd: Sahar El-Damati, a banking expert, said that the decision to stop the 25% certificates in Al-Ahly Bank and Egypt Bank was known at least two weeks ago, and what is new is that the same certificate was offered in Banque du Caire along with … Read more

Psoriasis, pulmonary insufficiency and baldness: the incredible medical certificates of the unfit traffic policemen of Rome

Some are short of breath, some are going bald and cannot wear a helmet, and some have flaky hands from psoriasis. It is not the beginning of a joke, but the list of medical conditions cited by some of the pizzardoni unfit for road service belonging to the Rome traffic police command. And so the … Read more

Arrest 7 Members of Ormas, Police Confiscate Rape Peace Certificates in Brebes

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Central Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Ahmad Luthfi ordered the arrest of seven members of the Indonesian Concerned Patriot Front (BPPI) mass organization that was reconciling the case rape child by six men in Brebes. “I have ordered the Crime Director back up for the Brebes Police for NGOs who … Read more

Banking expert: The 25% certificates control inflation and collect liquidity from the market

Sahar El-Damaty, a banking expert, confirmed that certificates with an interest rate of 25% dominate inflation And she collects liquidity from the market, saying: I urge all people who possess the currency to dispense with it, and to enter into high-interest certificates, as well as Egyptians abroad. And Sahar El-Damaty added, in a telephone interview … Read more

”Banana eating ban”, “Permission to go to the toilet”: Doctors go to war against useless certificates

“More intense”, “sometimes longer and more severe”: doctors observe more marked symptoms with the BA.5 variant, Omicron’s little cousin While the curve of Covid-19 contaminations is rising again in Belgium, doctors are noticing that the symptoms can be longer and more aggressive, even if hospitalizations remain under control.

Forged contracts, fictitious pregnancy certificates, ghost companies: the State is defrauded of millions of euros due to failures in Social Security

Adulai Baldé bought a small carpentry company based in Coimbra and his first act of management was to retroactively declare to Social Security (SS) that Rodrimouro, Lda. on maternity leave or on sick leave. They received more than €3,000 in salary and the alleged entrepreneur gave several addresses where the company had opened branches, which, … Read more