Telecommuting: CGT and CTA say companies should pay their employees for internet, computers and overtime

The two trade union centers in the country, the CGT and the CTA, they made it very clear: companies must take charge of paying their employees for internet connection, work items (such as computers) and overtime, when they are working from home. The claim was raised during the meeting by videoconference of the Labor Legislation … Read more

At the act on October 17 in Duhalde and Barrionuevo, the CGT co-head criticized the Government: “You don’t have to be a pimp on duty, the people are not doing well at all.”

Duhalde, Barrionuevo, Acuña, Moreno and other leaders, in the first act on October 17 (Photo Nicolás Stulberg)The first act on October 17 was brief, but with criticism of the Government. This afternoon, in front of the Perón Monument, in Paseo Colón and Belgrano, the co-owner of the CGT Carlos Acuna (service stations) warned that “this … Read more

Duhalde, Barrionuevo, Acuña, Bárbaro and Moreno spearheaded their own Loyalty Day event

Duhalde said that all those present “point to national unity and the formation of a great legislative coalition with four clear ideas to overcome the difficulties the country is going through.” He also pointed out that “Argentines cannot fight how stupid when people are suffering” and asked for unity to boost the country. While Acuña, … Read more

Media: Presstalis could cut 70% of its workforce

Newsstand and newsagents received no national newspapers or magazines on Wednesday, and the situation will last at least until Thursday. Part of the distribution workers went on strike at the call of the powerful General Union of Books and Communication CGT (SGLCE-CGT), which reigns over the sector. He denounces the restructuring project of Presstalis, the … Read more

Government defines gradual exit from quarantine: meeting with the CAC, CGT and UIA

On Saturday, the President announced that the departure from social, preventive and compulsory isolation to mitigate the advance of the coronavirus in the country “It will be gradually and very carefully”, and assured that some sectors and activities – such as classes in schools, the elderly and the public administration – will continue with the … Read more

In Rodez, the epidemic makes the future of diesel workers even more uncertain

Will reopen, not reopen? At the Bosch factory in Onet-le-Château, near Rodez, since the start of the health crisis, the question arises every week. On the one hand, the factory management ensures that sufficient barrier gestures are put in place, with distances of one meter between employees and a gradual restart workshop by workshop to … Read more