Carles Tusquets will chair an eight-member FC Barcelona Management Committee

BARCELONA, 28 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) – FC Barcelona reported on Wednesday that the new Management Committee of the entity, which will govern it temporarily as a result of the resignation en bloc of the previous Board of Directors chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, will take office this Thursday with the aim of calling elections presidential. … Read more

Fertiberia Chair Award for Agro-Environmental Studies

Enrique Estefanía Salazar has received the Fertiberia Chair Award for Agro-environmental Studies 2019/2020 for his Final Degree Project “Plantation of 3.1 hectares of walnut trees in Espejo (Álava)”, which aims to improve profitability and impact environmental of a farm. For this, it has analyzed all the parameters involved in a plantation of nogales, such as … Read more

It is outrageous that Torra leaves the chair empty at the presidents’ conference

Barcelona, ​​Jul 30 (EFE) .- The head of the opposition in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, said this Thursday that he finds it “outrageous” that the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, “leaves the chair empty” at the conference of presidents “in a national pandemic like the one we are suffering.” In a telematic press conference, Carrizosa … Read more

USA: Woman receives new driver’s license – with an empty chair in the picture

USA The authorities made a mistake while issuing a new driver’s license to a woman in Tennessee. The Internet is now amused by the document. This Basel bidder also had a wrong picture printed on his ticket. In Tennessee, USA, a young woman wanted to renew her driver’s license. The authorities made a mistake here. … Read more

An empty chair as a photo on his driver’s license

Photos that accompany driver’s licenses are usually unflattering. Rarely, however, are they as comical as the one that appeared on a Tennessee woman’s ID card. Jade Dodd couldn’t believe her eyes when she received her new driver’s license in the mail after having recently renewed it with Hickman County officials. Rather than his face, it … Read more

IKEA Releases Furniture and Accessories for Small Homes

JAKARTA, – IKEA collaborate with Thai fashion designer, Greyhound Original, expanded the collection limited minimalist home furnishings and accessories named ” YOKE“. The purpose of launching this collection is to answer the needs of consumers who live in small spaces but still want to have a stylish style unique and not boring. Furniture and … Read more

Rolandas Atkočūnas’ latest production “The Fourth Chair” – Culture, Art – will premiere at Willa Theater

Publicity image On Sunday, August 9, the Willa Theater invites to a new production of Tonino Guerra’s play “The Fourth Chair” directed by Roland Atkochun, which will take place at 20.00 KK von Strick in the garden of the villa. “Willa Theater” –> <!– –> Tweet

Rolandas Atkočūnas’ latest production “The Fourth Chair” will premiere at “Willa Theater” | The news

Rolands Atkočūnas’ latest production “The Fourth Chair” will premiere at “Willa Theater” Riga, July 31, LETA. On Sunday, August 9, at 8 pm in Riga, “Willa Theater” in the garden of KK von Strick’s Villa, the premiere of the new production of Tonino Gverra’s play “The Fourth Chair” directed by Rolandas Atkočūnas will take place, … Read more

King extends contract De Wever and Magnette: party chair …

Preformers Bart De Wever and Paul Magnette had an audience with King Filip on Friday. They released a first interim report of the assignment they accepted last week. The King has asked them to bring together the party chairmen as soon as possible who can provide support for the formation of a government. N-VA chairman … Read more

The mother of the kidnapped baby wished to put the criminal on the electric chair: Society: Russia:

The mother of a baby kidnapped from a maternity hospital in the city of Salsk, Rostov Region, Natalya Rusikova, announced her desire to put the criminal on the electric chair. On Saturday, July 25, she told about this to the publication “Podyom”. According to the woman, she is in a state of shock after the … Read more