Godfall promises an entertaining and challenging endgame

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Many fear that Godfall, the newest from Counterplay Games and Gearbox, it will soon become a tired and repetitive experience. This since the title, defined as a looter slasher, will require players to spend hours fighting to obtain the … Read more

Tesla’s new generation of autopilot first tested on challenging track – Motor

The Tesla autopilot passed most sections of the track on its own, without any problems. However, despite the fact that the experts added the route of the electric car to the autonomous driving system base in advance, in some cases, the driver had to help the autopilot to avoid accidents. The main difficulty for the … Read more

Challenging adventure on the border of the absurd – Nastavševa’s unusual project “Draft” will be available online

Mikhail Chekhov’s Riga Russian Theater, in a joint project with the International Summer Art Festival “Točka dostupa” (St. Petersburg), offers theater spectators an online performance: a play-labyrinth about the connection between times, people and ghosts based on contemporary Russian author Sergei Uhanov’s play “Draft”; director Vladislav Nastavshev. Participants in the show: Anatoly Fečin, Dan Bjork, … Read more

‘Valorant’ is shaping up as the video game more challenging

It is called ‘Valorant’ and is one of the titles with the most growth potential, then get to know the figures of your pre-release, made in April, in the midst of the pandemic. This is a action game type shooter tactical and with supernatural powers, free. In the game you make up two teams: an … Read more