When does the Champions League return and with which games?

The last time a game of Champions League It was on December 8 with the remaining group stage matches. It’s only been a month and 10 days, but it seems like more After the coronavirus pause, one more pause is eternal while waiting for the best football in the world. The Champions League had its … Read more

No time to celebrate! Olimpia was crowned champion and now sets his sights on Alajuelense – Diez

The conquest of the 32 cup for Olimpia will not have the same celebration time as previous editions, since the merengue team has an international agenda to fulfill. You can also read: Surprise! Chelsea congratulates Olympia on winning their 32nd title The merengue team now has its sights set on the search for a pass … Read more

The big differences between the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League – Ten

The UEFA is the soccer confederation that governs soccer in the old continent, in addition to being the organizing body of two of the most important tournaments in the world: La Champions League and the Europa League. Mistakes are often made when talking about each competition, because although they have some similarities, there are certainly … Read more

Albiol placed Villarreal’s goal in the Champions League

The defender of Villarreal Raúl Albiol pointed out that the objective for which the team works is to reach one of the Champions League seats and highlighted the quality and breadth of the squad to fight for the three competitions. “The goal is to be fourth and improve what was achieved last year. How nice … Read more

Kinsey Wolanski, the spontaneous of the Champions League reappeared in networks

He wanted to attract attention by appearing at the end of the Champions League del 2019. But it was not necessary. Kinsey Wolanski, is looked by reflex act by the vast majority of football and other sports fans. On that occasion she took to the field in a bathing suit to the field of play … Read more

Youssoufa Moukoko Breaks Record For Youngest Player In Champions League, 16 Years 18 Days

JAKARTA – Borussia Dortmund player Youssoufa Moukoko broke the record for the youngest player in the Champions League, previously held by Celestine Babayaro, when it was played in Dortmund’s game against Zenit St. Petersburg, Tuesday local time or Wednesday night. tomorrow WIB. In the game that Dortmund won 2-1, Moukoko was played as a replacement … Read more

When does the round of 16 phase of the UEFA Champions League start?

The thrill of the UEFA Champions League is getting closer and closer and begins on February 16 and only 16 teams maintain the illusion of being able to reach the grand final, in order to lift the ‘Orejona’, which currently defends the Bavaria Münich after being champion in 2020. Now it’s the turn of the … Read more

How many Champions League does Nottingham Forest have, the new club of Guatemalan Marcelo Saraiva?

Finally, the new reinforcement of the U-23 for the Nottingham Forest, and it is about Guatemalan Marcelo Saraiva, who played for him Porto Alegre International Sport Club, in Brazil. He Forest currently militates in the England Championship, tournament that is below the Premier League (considered by many as the best soccer league a world level). … Read more

Juventus today: Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Juventus’ secret weapon

Juventus today He was the player with the most assists in the group stage of the Champions League It is vital for Andrea Pirlo in search of the ‘orejona’ PFor no one was it a secret that Juan Guillermo Cuadrado was the best Colombian player of 2020. Not only because of what he did on … Read more

Teams that surprised in the 2019-2020 Champions League

The 2019-2020 season of the UEFA Champions League It left us with great surprises and results, there were even some revelations with certain teams that competed throughout the campaign. The most prominent were three in specific: the RB Leipzig from Germany, Atalanta from Italy and the Lyon olympic from France. Of these teams, no one … Read more