Jackie Chan remembers his beginnings in the cinema: “I felt lost”

During the virtual promotion in Mexico of his new film, The knight of shadows: between Yin and Yang, Jackie Chan talked about his start in the film industry and revealed that he currently seeks to give “a greater contribution to the world” with environmental projects and philanthropic. “I often play men who love peace and … Read more

“The Karate Kid”: See how the film’s actors look 10 years after its premiere | Jaden Smith | Jackie Chan

Cheng Lu (Zhenwei Wang): The Chinese martial arts actor put himself in the shoes of Dre’s rival who bullied him at school. Wang, at 24, fluent in English and your native language, which has put it in the sights of several production companies. Years ago he starred in the martial arts series ‘Martial Arts vs. … Read more

The Iron Mask junta a Schwarzenegger con Jackie Chan

Image: Signature Entertaiment There is a new movie that combines dragons with magic and Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting against Andckie Chan. How such a film was created is something that escapes us, but you would do well to see its first trailer because it is a fun one madness. The film is titled Journey to China: … Read more

Chan Santokhi installed during the ceremony as President of Suriname NOW

Chandrikapersad ‘Chan’ Santokhi, 61, was officially installed as President of Suriname on Thursday. He succeeds the controversial Desi Bouterse, who ruled the country for ten years. The ceremony took place in a tent on the Independence Square in Paramaribo. Outgoing President Bouterse formally transferred power and then put on the presidential sash at Santokhi. He … Read more

Viral Video YouTuber Ericko Lim Sleeping with Listy Chan

Suara.com – YouTuber Ericko Lim back into public conversation. After being released from prison for a drug case, now a viral video of him sleeping with a woman named Listy Chan. The video turned out to be demolished Jessica Jane, former lover of Ericko Lim who just broke up with him. In the video you … Read more