Egypt news | Science and Technology / Study: There is a 10% chance that space debris will kill a person within the next decade

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Last chance to shop at H&M. In Moscow, huge queues formed in front of stores

According to The Moscow Times server, long queues formed in front of stores in Moscow’s Metropolis and Aviapark shopping centers. In the coming weeks, they are to open all H&M stores in 65 Russian cities for the last time to sell off their last stocks. H&M suspended its business in Russia already on March 2, … Read more

The former “Lietkabelis” legionnaire had no chance of fighting for the million in the final

The famous “The Basketball Tournament” ended in the United States of America (USA), where professional and amateur teams competed for a million dollar prize. The Blue Collar U team, in Dayton, won the final 89:67 (25:13, 20:18, 22:20, 22:16) breaking the Americana for Autism team. Both semi-finals ended by less than five points, but the … Read more

Quartararo’s penalty, ‘Pak RT’ Chance to Win at Silverstone GP?

British MotoGP 2022 – Fabio Quartararo started the second half of the 2022 season with a ‘long lap penalty’ at the Silverstone GP. Because from the point of view of the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel, the overtaking attempt by the Yamaha rider was ‘too ambitious’. Quartararo was not in a position to complete the … Read more

Sad girl, boyfriend doesn’t have a chance to meet mom. Shocked with tears. Actually, mother has known him since he was young. Destiny.

Sad girl, boyfriend doesn’t have a chance to meet mom After leaving for a long time, she was shocked and shedding tears that her mother had known since before entering kindergarten. There are photos together. Destiny. Many people may have come across many unexpected surprises in their lives. Some people believe it was a coincidence. … Read more

The Myrtana Chronicles nominated for the Fashion of the Decade title. They do not give others a chance – CD-Action

The records of Myrtana cannot be denied decisive success. The Polish mod for Gothic II has already collected over 9 thousand overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Praising players also include b-side which in its review gave a very high rating. Also recently you can get the soundtrack for freethat players have been asking so much … Read more

Mo Tae-beom ♥ Im Sa-rang, will marry in March next year… 70% chance

[이데일리 김민정 기자] After Mo Tae-beom and Im Sa-rang became an official couple, they enjoyed an ice rink date. Channel A’s ‘These days of men’s life – Groom’s Lesson’ (hereafter, the groom’s lesson), which aired on the 27th, showed the first official couple Mo Tae-beom and Im Sa-rang’s dating scene. (Photo=Channel A ‘Groom’s Class’) On … Read more

Russia’s economy is holding up to sanctions better than expected, and the US has little chance of avoiding recession

While the West sought to cut off Russia from the global financial system and deny it access to its own funds, which it could use to finance the current war in Ukraine, the IMF raised Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast for 2022. the forecast is even 2.5 percent. Despite this, the country’s economy … Read more

Do not be late! Last chance to apply for the grand show “Boxing Academy 2”

In the second season, on the first days of the tests, the 15 most targeted participants will be selected, who will go to the training camp, where Latvian boxing luminaries and mentors Kaspars Kambala and Kristaps Zutis will take care of improving the athletes’ skills, while strongman Raivis Vidzis will take care of physical preparation. … Read more