England’s show of strength. Harry Kane and company didn’t give Senegal a chance

England won a decisive victory in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup. With goals from Henderson, Kane and Saka, the players report to the quarter-finals, where their next opponent will be France. Semi-final match between France and England on Saturday. John Stones and Boulaye Dia during the England vs Senegal match /NEIL HALL /PAP/EPA … Read more

Olaf Scholz’s last chance?

European microphone today takes a look at Germany with Kai Littmann, the director of eurojournalist.eu. Germany will invest 200 billion euros in industry, and for households. franceinfo: Is it still a bit of competition? Kai Littmann : It’s downright competition. This is a big step for Germany outside the European Union, because we still have … Read more

Can’t let Kawhi Leonard take a chance, the “rotation dilemma” facing the Los Angeles Clippers – NBA – Basketball

493 days!The Clippers finally waited until Kawhi Leonard returned to the team, and they were still in the warm-up match“Five Forwards”Seeing that they could finally win the championship again, they only experienced two dreams. Leonard was injured again, and then he came back on November 17 and only played three games and was injured again. … Read more

‘The referee who stole Korea’s last chance’ also destroyed Belgium’s chance

Referee Anthony (right) announcing the end of the game. A Belgian Witchel is making a surprised expression. yunhap newsIn the game against Ghana, referee Anthony Taylor blew the final whistle early again after ignoring Korea’s corner kick opportunity just before the game ended. Referee Taylor served as the referee for the final third match between … Read more

Don’t miss your chance to play four games for free

If you don’t have big plans for the weekend and the game doesn’t take several days to download, you can play four titles on your computer for a limited time and get more for good. The first possibility is related to Steam, where until the end of the weekend there are games to try Battlefield … Read more

Triple danger: Covid, RSV and flu! prof. Dr. Yavuz warned: Admissions to emergency departments increased 3-4 times, we have a chance for early treatment with triple test

“NEW TRIPLE TESTS WILL ENSURE US TO SEE AHEAD” Explaining that triple respiratory panel tests have been used for a long time, and multiple tests including Kovid have been used in some countries for the last 1 year, Prof. Dr. Yavuz continued his words as follows: “They are called multiplex PCR tests. They also have … Read more

David Dehenauw: “We are heading for a cold period, a chance of winter showers in the Kempen on Friday”

Due to a northeasterly wind, the temperature will drop again towards the end of the week. This increases the chance of winter precipitation towards the weekend. “If something falls, it will be something with a winter touch,” predicts weatherman David Dehenauw. “Especially the eastern parts of the country stand a chance. So the Ardennes anyway, … Read more

These are the zodiac signs that give love a SECOND chance before the end of November

There are times when people do not usually accept a separation so easily, for them it is very difficult to let go of a person with whom they shared great moments, which is why they always seek to give another chance to amor. Know what are the signs of zodiac that despite what has always … Read more

8 classic game remakes you need to give a chance | Games

Classic game remakes have been appearing more frequently in recent years. Aiming to capture veteran players through nostalgia and bring younger players to know famous names from decades ago, this update of graphics, sound and even gameplay usually pleases the public. Recently, more revamped games have been announced for the coming months, with Silent Hill … Read more

[정치]Encouraging aquaculture in North Korea, suffering from food shortages…”a business with a firm chance of winning”

[앵커] Analysts say that North Korea’s food shortage problem this year is particularly serious this year. Some even predict that it will be the worst since the ‘Arduous March’ in the 1990s, which is also why North Korea is focusing on aquaculture. Reporter Choi Doo-hee reports. [기자] North Korea is committing armed provocations, such as … Read more