Blizzard announces changes to Chaos Unleashed in Demon Hunter

Good, In the latest Shadowalnds Beta update, we are redoing Unbound Chaos. In this same thread, we discussed the Fel Mastery talent and the small damage increase it received Carga vil. But all the loads of Carga vil within the rotation to make the most of talent. Since this style of play no longer exists … Read more

China demands corrections to browsers to “resolve chaos” on the web Economy

The China Cyberspace Administration (ACC) will require, starting today, a series of “special and centralized rectifications of Chinese mobile browsers” in response to alleged “social concerns” over what it considers to be “chaos” in the net. The eight browsers affected are those of Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Sogou, 360, QQ and UC, and they will … Read more

Scientists ask to sort out the chaos of data on covid-19 in Spain

The numbers that reflect the footprint of the covid-19 pandemic in Spain have long since ceased to provide a clear image of what is happening. If the objective of these data was to have a high definition photograph of the current impact of the virus, the chaos in the figures is drawing an abstract painting. … Read more

Corona chaos before the Zverev match and in women’s doubles

Getty Images 1/11 Timea Babos (left) and Kiki Mladenovic are excluded from the US Open. 2/11 The reason for this is Mladenovic, who had too close contact with the couple who tested positive for Corona. Screenshot/Twitter 3/11 Alexander Zverev sits topless instead of standing on the square. The co-favorite for the US Open title … Read more

Boat parade for Trump ends in chaos | Abroad

Police received multiple reports of ships in trouble during the Trump parade on Lake Travis, northwest of the Texas capital Austin. “Several boats have sunk,” police said. According to a police spokeswoman, there would be no malicious intent. Nobody was hurt. “Some made water, some got stuck, some capsized, it was all different things,” said … Read more

Chaos on the subway: Took the power

Just over 11 pm on Saturday night, the subway had to stop between Blindern and Majorstua, near the Police Academy, due to a triggered fire extinguisher. “Many young people have also been on the trail. It is possible that fireworks were fired on board the course. The power has now been taken on the stretch, … Read more

Considered the strongest military, in fact the Indian military succeeded in making the Chinese army run into chaos, using the SFF Special Forces of 3,500 Tibetans

Sosok.ID – When it comes to military power rank, of course strength rank Chinese military above China. Where China only lost to the United States (US) and Russia alone. Even so, don’t underestimate military power India. Now, about military strength India, there is news about the death of a member special forces India origin Tibet … Read more

A woman activist rips the Koran, an anti-Islamic demonstration ends in chaos in Oslo

OSLO, – An anti-Islam group in Oslo, Norway held a protest on Saturday (29/8/2020) which culminated in an activist tearing up page after page of the Holy Quran. Launch Russian Today, The protest event was halted after clashes with opposing protesters, who managed to cross police lines. The demonstration outside the parliament building in … Read more