Linas Lekavičius about his brother Lukas: talent, career turning point and tough character

Linas is the older brother of Lukas, who plays for “Žalgiris” Kaunas. The basketball player, who will celebrate his 38th birthday at the end of the year, defends the honor of the “Šilutė” team in the National Basketball League (NKL). After studying in the USA, Linas Lekavičius started his professional career with Vilnius “Sakalai”, later … Read more

Netizens urged Putri Candrawati’s makeup, finally the original character of Ferdy Sambo’s wife was exposed

Jakarta – Recently made up Putri Candrawati, Ferdy Sambo’s wife urged by netizens, finally uncovering the original nature that he knows. The appearance of Ferdy Sambo’s wife, Putri Candrawati in public, is still a question some time ago, is it true that the woman wearing the mask is Putri Candrawati or someone else? The appearance … Read more

“Apex Heroes” S14 Ghost Moon Revised BUG “Vantage Possession”, the character was completely replaced by Vantage Soul Possession Skill Group | 4Gamers

The 14th season of “APEX Legends” “Hunting Lock” has been officially updated and installed yesterday (9), and the youngest hero “Vantage” has also officially appeared, although not every player is interested Try, but a new bug in the game forces you to try out the new hero:Because you may hit halfway, your hero may become … Read more

Diablo 4, character selection alpha test video leaking online

Recently, there has been news that Blizzard’s Diablo 4 is in alpha testing, and there have been rumors that the contents may be leaked. In fact, some alpha test videos were released through Twitter, and the video shows the character customization, game creation, and difficulty selection screen. As for the alpha test, as the person … Read more

“Demon Slayer Blade Shinokami Blood Wind Arc” paid content “Slugmon Jindouzi (During the Demon Transformation)” character pack will be released on August 10! – funglr Games

“Kimetsu no Yaiba Hinokami Kepputan” is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam and Nintendo Switch. rnThis is a game that allows you to easily operate the popular characters of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and enjoy exhilarating action, so even people who have never played fighting games or are not … Read more

Pathetic shadow Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska: why the audience disliked the main character from the continuation of the “Magnificent Century”

The continuation of the series “The Magnificent Century” about the direct descendants of Suleiman and Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska should, if not surpass the project, then at least show the same ratings. However, all the director’s expectations were not met. And largely because of the rejection of the audience of the main character. Subscribe and read … Read more

Impersonating a Real Madrid player and taking a car worth 40 thousand euros

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo revealed that a man impersonated the servant of Su, the former basketball player in Real Madrid, who is currently defending the shirt of Swiss club Nyon, to take a car worth more than 40 thousand euros, without paying at all. The newspaper reported that the man came to the car … Read more

this unsuspected character would actually be the great villain of Encanto

If the animated film Disney Charm seems devoid of a big bad, by dissecting it, we notice that one of the characters actually seems to have malicious intentions. Encanto, a good film? Released at the end of 2021, Charm is one of its films that Disney has only released on its dedicated Disney+ streaming platform, … Read more