Chen Xiaojun’s “Daily Life of Qingqing” is currently broadcasting the popular character Hao Jia, and the topic has risen sharply, sparking heated

Source Title: Chen Xiaojun’s “Daily Life of Qingqing” is currently broadcasting the popular character Hao Jia, and the topic has skyrocketed, triggering heated discussions The light comedy “Qing Qing Daily” starring Bai Jingting, Tian Xiwei, and Chen Xiaojun is currently on iQiyi. The popularity of the show was unstoppable. In the first week of broadcasting, … Read more

Can you change your spouse’s personality?

Psychiatric Newspaper | Kim In-su, a specialist in mental health medicine We all have flaws that we want to fix. A personality that becomes especially timid in front of strangers, an attitude that rarely bends in conflict situations, etc. Everyone has a desire to change. However, it seems that there is still no clear answer … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile launches Underworld event with new character Revenant

EA and Respawn Entertainment Introducing the new event for Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5, Underworld. After many warriors have fought in The Champions event, warrior spirits have been sent down to the Underworld to fight against the demonic army that lies behind them. Players will meet the character Revenant, a nightmare synthetic robot that was … Read more

“I complain.” Bassem Samra: I wish to act as the character of the late President Muhammad Naguib

The artist, Bassem Samra, revealed his wish to embody the personality of the late President Muhammad Naguib in a historical work, saying: “I myself work as a historical figure, who is Muhammad Naguib, and I worked before that as Abdul Hakim Amer, and this man is grieved, and history is fair to him when a … Read more

13 people of Kamakura-dono Minamoto Nakaaki, the character of “School ambitions melamera” What kind of person was he in the record? : J-CAST TV Watch[full text]

On November 20th (2022), the NHK Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no Thirteen” was broadcast as “44th Judgment Day”. Mr. Bushido, who runs the popular historical commentary video “Sengoku BANASHI” with over 120,000 registrants, what was the “key point” that he wanted to talk about most passionately in the “44th” commentary video? I will re-explain based on … Read more

“The Walking Dead: All Hands” opens global cross-server PvP “The Bunker Discovered” and the new character “Belle” debuts simultaneously – Bahamut

Com2uS Holdings’ collection RPG mobile game “The Walking Dead: All Hands“Recently, a large-scale global update has been carried out. The global server PvP system “Discovered Bunker” is officially launched. It is expected to be open for a limited time until December 3 this year. Players on all servers can freely participate in PvP battles in … Read more

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS releases trailer for Neymar Jr., the new playable character | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | Consoles | DEPOR-PLAY

A highly anticipated collaboration. the shooter PUBG announced in early November that Neymar Jr. he would be the new ambassador of the brand, but he will not only promote the video game, but he will also be a playable character. That’s right, you can embody the footballer and win the Battle Royale with your squad. … Read more

Dr. Venom arrives as the new character in Who is the Mask?

After introducing Huacal, one of the most rowdy characters in Who is the Mask? the transmission of the program suffered a mishap in which the lights and sound suffered some damage. After a blackout in the television forum, an enigmatic being appeared on the screen, but unlike those in competition, it sent a strong message … Read more

It turns out that these 7 daily habits can reveal your personality! Come on, find out!

Human character is basically a combination of daily habits. No one has the same character, because it is formed from small habits that a person does throughout life, whether good or bad in nature. In other words, small habits that are carried out daily can be a clue to knowing a person’s character. How to? … Read more