several people wave Nazi salutes at a funeral in a cemetery in Charleroi (photos)

Filmed and widely broadcast on social networks, the scene sparked a real wave of indignation in October 2018. Imagine instead: people are massing at the entrance to a cemetery in Charleroi. of videos An urn will be placed in the columbarium, relatives and friends have come to accompany the deceased to his final resting place… … Read more

“I was revolted, I thought it was a joke”!

Recently, Bernard went to Charleroi airport to catch a flight to Madrid. Arrived at the beginning of the evening, the traveler decides to have a sandwich at Panos. In front of him, a panoply of sandwiches with different tastes, explain our colleagues from RTL Info. of videos Bernard’s choice then falls on a hot sandwich. … Read more

Jean, 60, escaped, the scammer asked him for directions to Charleroi airport (videos)

The facts date back to early March. Jean had to pick up his wife, but first he went to do some shopping in a supermarket in the Courcelles entity. of videos The scammer approached him while he was putting his groceries in his trunk. He drove past him and called him out. ************* ** ******** … Read more

A “ripou” policeman arrested Monday morning south of Charleroi, for a case of arms and narcotics trafficking

A policeman from the local Germinalt area, in Thudinie south of Charleroi, was arrested on Monday: his colleagues came to pick him up in the morning! According to our information, he is suspected of being involved in arms and drug trafficking, all while performing his duties as a police officer. It would be, as often … Read more

Charleroi: on the banks of the Sambre, non-assistance to a fisherman in danger

Saturday, at the end of the day, two teenagers aged 13 and 14 take advantage of the opening of fishing along the towpath, near rue de la Victoire, in Roux. They have cast their line and are waiting when, suddenly, the youngest tries to retrieve a small object that has slipped from his hands. But … Read more

Laetitia is attacked and robbed at rue de la Montagne in Charleroi by a dealer (video)

About two weeks ago, Laetitia was walking down rue de la Montagne in Charleroi. The 40-year-old Carolo was returning home. Arriving at the Zeeman store, Laetitia is arrested by a dealer. ** *** ******* ** **** **** ******* ** ** ******* ************** *** ****** *** ***** ** ************************* *** ******* ** ***** ** ******** ************ … Read more

the author, caught up by local residents, is presented to the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office

Thursday, March 16, around 7:40 p.m., a violent fire broke out at number 18 rue Puissant, in Jumet. The Charleroi police descended on the spot for an arson attack. FVH Jumet firefighters were able to see that a huge blaze was escaping from the large bay window on the ground floor. There was only material … Read more