New Wake School of Medicine introduced in Charlotte

The entire Wake School of Medicine in Charlotte will have 7 floors. The first illustrations of what the Wake Forest School of Medicine in Charlotte campus will look like were unveiled. The expected complex arises from an association between Atrium Health y Wake Forest Baptist. Eugene Woods, CEO of Atrium, presented images of the seven-story … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, holidays in Pantelleria with their children (including rumors of a new pregnancy)

Charlotte casiraghi, Just turned 34, is on vacation in Pantelleria with the husband Dimitri Rassam and the two children: Raphael, had in 2013 by the ex Gad Elmaleh, e Balthazar, 3 years old, fruit of love with Dimitri. It is not the first time that the second child of Caroline of Monaco and the film … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi turns 34 and is always the most beautiful

Charlotte Casiraghi, the fairytale looks at the Rose Ball Charlotte casiraghi she turns 34 and is always the most beautiful, so as to obscure even the impeccable Kate Middleton and the charming Meghan Markle. Reserved, splendid and restless as mother Carolina of Monaco, she is the most loved European royal. Thanks to an innate elegance … Read more

Charlotte and Nelly do not deny Karel Gott’s father and grow into beauty!

Karel Gott’s two youngest daughters are no longer little girls and beautiful girls are growing out of them! In addition, both girls are strikingly similar to their father, especially Benjamin Nelly Gott! Karel Gott loved his youngest daughters Charlotte and Nelly very much. However, the master started to form a family late and he knew … Read more

British royal family: relationship with Charlotte warmed the relationship between Kate and Meghan? Information from the book Finding Freedom

Princess Charlotte is a public favorite. The media follows her life almost from birth, comparing to other family members. The daughter of William and Kate seems to have a distance to the family in which she was brought up. So she is not afraid to show the language to photojournalists or mention in passing about … Read more

Charlotte Würdig leaves her fans speechless with a hot bikini snapshot

Holiday rumors or not – The fans are excited about the sight of the 42-year-old in a bikini. “The work of hard work and discipline. Respect! ”, One user praises the moderator and another says:“ Super sexy and breathless. ”Charlotte also gets compliments from prominent acquaintances. RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig writes about “Junge, Junge” and … Read more

Charlotte Valandrey leaves Tomorrow belongs to us

The 51-year-old actress announced her departure in a video posted to her Instagram account. According to her, her character, Laurence Moiret, lacked intrigue. So it was time to go. “The stories around my character were not renewed enough. I was away a little too often, so with the production we decided by mutual agreement that … Read more

Charlotte Štiková struck: Mom is sick and so is her family!

Charlotte Štiková (23) worked hard for her mother Monika (47) and grandmother Jindřiška (70)! It is said that he does not maintain contact with this branch of the family at all! She even called her mother’s relatives sick! Monika Štiková married her young partner, hockey player Petr Binias (23), a few days ago. At the … Read more

Charlotte had a baby totally unexpected: ‘I had no idea I was pregnant’

Flatulence or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). That was the diagnosis of the doctor Charlotte Wheeler-Smith (31) visited a month ago when her stomach was troubling her. An hour later she had suddenly a daughter. “I had no idea I was pregnant.” We visited Charlotte in the OLVG East. “I had a bit of a bloated … Read more

GGZ activist Charlotte Bouwman receives treatment after 1047 days of waiting

At the beginning of this year, Bouwman received media attention because of her sit-action in the hall of the Ministry of Health. With protest signs she drew attention to the waiting lists within mental health care for patients with complex psychiatric disorders. As a result of its action, according to Bouwman, society is now paying … Read more