Sony hears feedback on the latest PS4 chats and groups update

Sony is preparing changes before the arrival of PS5, on November 12 in the United States and on November 19 in Spain. These days will renew the PS Store in browsers and PS4 has received firmware update 8.00 which has changed the function of groups and messages –among other characteristics described in its news-. These … Read more

How to report abusive comments in voice chats on Playstation 5

Sony will fight against toxic users Online gambling is one of the great attractions for many players and players. However, there are times when it can be a real horror. Especially for the female players because there are users (to call them in some polite way) who have not yet realized that everyone has the … Read more

How to export chats in the version of WhatsApp for iPhone | Lifestyle

It seems a bit absurd that two applications such as WhatsApp on iPhone and Android have so many differences in operation. Surely we are currently paying for the original design, which was not too uniform, so some options are in different menus. And we are not talking about just one, there are quite a few … Read more

In order not to choose between Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, a former minister of Cambiemos showed private chats with Martín Guzmán on the air

A former minister of Cambiemos was given the choice between answering whether he would choose to be an official of Mauricio Macri o de Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, or show your private conversations with Martin Guzman and did not hesitate to take out his cell phone. Is about Hernán Lacunza, former head of the Palacio de … Read more

How to organize stickers used in WhatsApp chats – Noticieros Televisa

First the emojis and now the stickers. These charts have become the sensation of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Since its use was allowed, users have managed to exploit their imagination and in conversations its application is increasingly common. However, Do you know how to organize them? Here we tell you a little tip. We … Read more

Using WhatsApp without data and without Internet will be possible soon

WhatsApp is ready so that its users can use the instant messaging application no need for mobile data or WiFi. This was announced by WABetaInfo, the specialized technology news portal, who also assured that the WhatsApp account can be used from any device without an internet connection. Which would mean that any user can use … Read more

Facebook Messenger will be the most popular – it starts absorbing other chats

Facebook continues its efforts to unify the services it provides within its ecosystem. We had a sample of this some time ago when Facebook announced the introduction of “rooms” – its response to the need for group videoconferencing. Then it was also announced that this solution will be cross-platform, thanks to which people with Messenger, … Read more

Instagram starts hosting Messenger chats

Facebook is taking a first step in unifying the infrastructures of its various messaging services. Instagram users in the US can now chat with Messenger contacts: instead of the direct message icon in the bar at the top of Instagram, they now find the Messenger icon. And conversations don’t come off Instagram. Before… … After. … Read more

WhatsApp chats will change drastically: All users will soon have a special function

With the new feature, WhatsApp messages can be automatically deleted after an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. WhatsApp does not yet offer a specially definable period of time. This option should be very interesting, especially for those who value data protection. If sensitive data is sent via WhatsApp, a timer … Read more

chats Instagram and Messenger are merged – The Daily Standard

Mark Zuckerberg is at it again. His company Facebook has now started to merge the chats in the Messenger and Instagram apps. That message… and it is yet another reason to worry about this company. explains that some users get a new notification when they update the Instagram app. Whether they want to … Read more