In Yekaterinburg, they are checking the attack of a fan on the singer MakSim. reedus

At the Music Nights festival in Yekaterinburg, a fan threw singer MakSim onto the stage during a performance. The organizers of the event are checking the incident and promise to announce its results early next week. “We are conducting a trial, looking at the situation from different angles, finding out what could have happened,” reported … Read more

Fact checking: Does AstraZeneca vaccine cause monkeypox by using chimpanzee DNA as a vector? Does senator tweet message against vaccines?

Some affirmations in social networks assure that the monkeypox outbreak was caused by the use of a chimpanzee adenovirus vector in the vaccine Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19. David Kurten, a former member of the London Assembly, wrote on May 20: “Who is surprised that after millions of people have been injected with the genetically modified chimpanzee virus, … Read more

Checking aliens at large apartment complexes in Paramaribo

Members of the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) department, the Immigration Service and the Regional Assistance Team Paramaribo (RBTP) and Midden (RBTM) carried out inspection activities on Tuesday 7 June in two large apartment complex at two separate locations in Paramaribo. With these checks arising from the Zero Tolerance security policy which the Suriname Police Force … Read more

How to Check and Clean the Official OJK BI Checking / SLIK, Ensure Credit Score 1 – Ensuring a good credit payment history can prevent you from being harassedblacklist when you want to apply for a new loan. Being blacklisted by Bank Indonesia (BI) is certainly very detrimental and disturbing, if at any time there is a need in banking institutions. Usually a finance or banking company will see BI Checking … Read more

Fact checking: Did the elimination of a 5G antenna in an area cause the “disappearance” of Covid? Do Pfizer documents show that their vaccine is 12% effective?

A social media post claiming that the residents of Miraflores, Peru forced the authorities to dismantle an antenna 5G disguised as a tree, it has no context. He says that the locals suffered from pneumonia and a blood clotting disorder, until after removing the antenna, the Covid-19 “disappeared” in the area. However, the antenna was … Read more

Fact Checking: Do airlines segregate passengers according to their vaccination status? Does the WHO plan to implement “pandemic treaty” that would strip member states of sovereignty?

Information posted on social media shows an article from the Canadian outlet CTV News, which reports that Ottawa is considering segregating travelers on planes based on Covid-19 vaccination status. “Get to the back of the bus you dirty unvaccinated peoplekind!!!!”, indicates a tweet that shares it, which in Spanish means: “Go to the back of … Read more