What happens to my luggage after checking in at the airport? The employee revealed

It turns out that it doesn’t look as dramatic as it sometimes seems to stressed travelers. Tiktoker, known as Djsungue, works at the airport in Vancouver, where it packs luggage for airplanes. He showed several short films on his profile, including some with a grain of salt. The text continues below the video In the … Read more

Fact Checking: Did Pfizer Profit Increase For A Drug For Myocarditis Caused By Covid Vaccine? Is there a country that decided not to vaccinate its population anymore?

As is customary during the pandemic, social media lends itself to a series of false cases, and that incidentally misinform about Covid-19. On this occasion, on Facebook and Twitter (see link below) indicate that Pfizer increased its profits with the vaccine for a myocarditis drug. “Strong cross-selling strategy, destroy people’s hearts with your vax and … Read more

Fact Checking: Does Japan Stop Providing Ivermectin Vaccines? Did you predict the pandemic in a tweet in 2014?

An online article falsely claims that the Japanese authorities have abandoned the launch and use of the Covid-19 vaccines, and have chosen to rely on ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug. The claim was made on a radio show and other websites. Information it was verified by Reuters. Japan has not approved ivermectin to treat Covid-19, nor … Read more

A scandal on board the plane? Airlines are checking to see if the pilot has … insulted Joe Biden

– Southwest does not condone employees’ sharing of political opinions while serving our clients, and the individual perspective of one employee should not be interpreted as the view of Southwest and its 54,000 employees. employees – the company wrote in a press release. It was in response to reports from an Associated Press reporter who … Read more

Fact Checking: Is ALC-0315 Compound In Coronavirus Vaccines Harmful? Does Italy surrender to Covid-19?

A video that circulates on social networks, mentions that coronavirus vaccines contain graphene and a compound called ALC-0315, which would be a “fertilizer to kill insects.” With this material, the document establishes that the plan is to “murder” 20% of the children and that vaccination is “unnecessary”. Information It is false, the vaccines do not … Read more

READ BACK | Number of corona patients increased again, hardly any fines for poor checking for corona pass Coronavirus

Wave of robberies leads to new sales tactic: buyer hits empty telecom shops Buying a cell phone, but not getting it home until the next day. The wave of robberies on telecom shops is affecting the way we buy phone calls. KPN, T-Mobile, Phonehouse and VodafoneZiggo have already emptied their stores, other things will have … Read more

For People with Type 2 Diabetes, Here’s How To Not Down When Checking Sugar Levels

KBB NEWS- For sufferers type 2 diabetes You don’t have to check your blood sugar all the time. As is known for people with type 1 diabetes, doctors recommend checking sugar levels 4 or 10 times a day. When living with diabetes, there are so many numbers to watch out for. Reported by BERITA KBB … Read more

Transferred After Checking Residents’ Cellphones, Aipda Ambarita Even Floods Support : Okezone Megapolitan

JAKARTA – Aipda Monang Parlindungan Ambarita There was a flood of support from the community after he was transferred from Banit 51 of the Dalmas Unit, Sabhara Unit of the East Jakarta Metro Police to the Public Relations Division of the Polda Metro Jaya. (Also read: Aipda Ambarita Profile, Former Paint Maker to Raimas Backbone … Read more

Amazon Prime finally in Poland! These productions are worth checking out in Prime Video

Amazon Prime has finally entered Poland! The loud announcement of the premiere from last Tuesday spread rapidly in the industry, and the delight over the phenomenal movement from the hated by many Jeff Bezos was endless. And it’s hardly surprising, because for just PLN 49 we got Prime Video, Prime Gaming, free shipping from Amazon … Read more