Without authorization for assisted death, Frenchman wants to let himself die live on Facebook – World

Without authorization for assisted death, a 57-year-old Frenchman suffering from an incurable disease wants to let himself die live on Facebook to denounce the insufficiency of the current law and demand the right to “a dignified death”. The case has known strong media coverage in France since the patient, Alain Cocq, asked the President, Emmanuel … Read more

There are already vaccines in the last testing phase – Coronavirus

AstraZeneca started a large-scale human trial of its vaccine in the United States. In addition to this company, Moderna and Pfizer are also in phase 3 of testing. According to AstraZeneca, the plan is to include 30,000 adult individuals in the test. This vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, will be the most advanced … Read more

WHO says pandemic will last a long time and effects could persist for decades – World

The Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) anticipated this Saturday that the covid-19 pandemic will last a long time and, therefore, it is necessary to continue efforts to contain it worldwide. According to official WHO data, the pandemic has already claimed 675,060 deaths and infected almost 17.4 million people worldwide. The group of … Read more

Hailie is the seventh baby to take the most expensive medicine in the world

Emilia Monteiro Today at 00:28 Hailie Alberto, 4 months old, was the seventh Portuguese baby to be medicated with Zolgensma, the drug that costs about 2 million euros and is considered the most efficient treatment for children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (AME). The medicine was given this Saturday, at Hospital D. Estefânia, in Lisbon, and … Read more

Romerikes Blad – Full cheers at Swedish supermarkets yesterday – but now they are also worried

– The jubilation has subsided now, because everyone is working frantically to get the store up and running, says marketing manager Tobias Lindh at Hypermat in Charlottenberg to Aftenposten. Norwegian authorities announced on Friday that the Swedish regions of Kalmar, Örebro, Värmland and Östergötland will be “green” zones in the government’s new travel council. Many … Read more

From Spain to Australia. The increase in new cases forces countries to retreat in the deflation | Coronavirus

Inhabitants of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona were advised to “stay at home” LUSA / Quique García Although it is difficult to imagine a reality in which the virus is no longer part of the daily life of the population, for almost two months the world has been gradually returning to a new normality. But … Read more

One in four New Delhi residents may have had covid-19 | Liveblog

Follow topic To the minute In the world, there are almost 15 million infections and 620 thousand deaths. The United States added more than 60,000 new cases for the eighth consecutive day and has one in four global cases. The pandemic “is likely to get worse before it gets better” in the U.S., says Trump. … Read more

What mysteries does the new coronavirus continue to hide? | Coronavirus

The story is known and dates back to the end of December 2019, when reports of a strange form of pneumonia that was affecting the population of Wuhan, Hubei province, China. Chinese scientists ended up determining that the origin of this disease was a new coronavirus. Continue reading .

Costa: “Europe agreement gives confidence to Europe and Portugal” | Covid-19

The 27 heads of state and government of the European Union approved, this Tuesday, a global package of 1.8 billion euros to support the recovery of activity, paralyzed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Covid-19 has already caused 1691 deaths and 48,771 cases of infection in Portugal, of which 33,547 have recovered. In the … Read more

No gladiolus and cheers: ‘Alternative four days is a matter of good motivation’

As usual, the participants include a large number of military personnel. A group departs today from Woensdrecht Air Base in North Brabant. The soldiers walk to Nijmegen in four days, says second lieutenant Thomas Kloosterman. Along the way they pass a number of symbolic places. “We consider 75 years of freedom and therefore stop at … Read more