Monks sell surplus cheeses online in less than 24 hours

The monks noted that they had 2.8 tons of surplus cheeses in their cellars. PHOTO: Facebook / Abbaye de Cîteaux. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that affects everyone, monks of an abbey located in the central france, who are dedicated to the production and sale of cheeses, had accumulated a large quantity of cheeses in … Read more

Careful! Calcium chloride, a solution for street snow removal, is found in cheeses

Numerous assortments of cheese with starch, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium nitrate and natamycin were found in stores. The Pro Consumers Association (APC) purchased 34 types of cheese from supermarkets, in order to conduct a study to draw attention to the distortion of cheeses with an impact on the budget and health of consumers.The analyzes … Read more

Coronavirus: Swiss cheese’s strategy to protect you from covid-19

Lucia Blasco BBC World News 5 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, Just as each slice of cheese has holes, each measure we adopt has imperfections when it comes to fighting the virus. Comparing the coronavirus to Swiss cheese might seem trivial, but for New Zealand virologist Ian M. Mackay it is the perfect analogy … Read more

Valais – A robotic cellar to refine Val d’Illiez cheeses

In Troistorrent, the Promovi cooperative has launched a somewhat particular challenge: to refine the cheeses of the various producers in the valley with a robot. Posted today at 10:14 am Twelve producers from the Val d’Illiez entrust the maturing of their cheeses to an automated cellar in Troistorrents (VS). The robot relieves them of an … Read more