Scientist looks for ways to eradicate chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer patients

Zacatecas, Zac.- People diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (CMTN) have fewer therapeutic options to face this disease, the only approved and available treatment option is chemotherapy. Unfortunately, resistance to chemotherapy is also an important limitation for the success of the treatment of this type of cancer, so it is necessary to continue studying and … Read more

Lilia’s two battles: breast cancer and the chemotherapy shortage

NEW LION.- Lilia de la Garza Gayt├ín is one of the thousands of Mexican warriors currently facing two battles: breast cancer and the shortage of chemotherapies. Lilia’s first struggle began when she noticed a “ball” in her right breast. Concerned about the situation, she immediately spoke with her husband and later went to a hospital … Read more

Due to the coronavirus, chemotherapy was delayed and he died of cancer

October 20, 2020 21:58 The event took place in the city of Macclesfields, located in England. The 31-year-old Kelly Smith had been battling bowel cancer since the beginning of this year. Due to the coronavirus, chemotherapy was delayed and he died of cancer. The young woman was 31 years old and lived in the city … Read more

Methotrexate, from mustard gas to chemotherapy

One of the most terrifying weapons of World War I, mustard gas, was instrumental in the development of methotrexate, prescribed for certain cancers and autoimmune diseases. Used for the first time during fights near Ypres (Belgium) in July 1917, hence its nickname of mustard, it quickly became synonymous with terror on the battlefield: admittedly, combat … Read more

Confide Feby Febiola Shown with Nearly Bald Hair After Chemotherapy

Jakarta – Long time invisible, Feby Febiola changed his appearance due to undergoing chemotherapy. This soap opera artist cut her hair into super short aka Bondol, Mother. Feby shared their latest photo at Instagram. It also tells of her decision to shave her hair, Mother. “It used to be like wishing if you had bondole … Read more

British drug 70% decreased the growth of aggressive tumors

Bertoneri in combination with chemotherapy affects the DNA of cancer cells, not allowing her to recover. Photo: Specialists from the Institute of cancer research UK are looking for new ways to fight cancer. British scientists have focused on the ability of cancer cells to restore DNA. In the course of studies has identified the … Read more