Chicken Police analysis, investigating as headless chickens (PC, Xbox One, Switch, PS4)

Chicken Police It is a mixture of ideas, a concoction of tones that drinks from works that we all know: it is a noir style detective novel which borrows the most common elements of the filmic genre, a investigation video game which aims to gamify deduction in the style The black, a police parody in … Read more

Man rescues hundreds of animals during Hurricane Delta

“If I lived alone or only with 10 or 20 dogs, then I wouldn’t be too worried. But here there are hundreds of animals and we cannot afford not to have enough food stored, “he wrote. The animals already lived in the sanctuary, but to protect them during the storm, he put them inside his … Read more

Viral Farmers Discard Chickens, This Is the Comment of the Minister of Agriculture

JAKARTA, – Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo claims, food prices nationally stable, even in the midst of the current pandemic. Therefore, he regrets that there is still information circulating viral as if commodity prices are plummeting. As with commodities chicken and tomatoes, which go viral when the rancher or farmers throw away … Read more

China found the virus in chickens from Brazil and there is already concern in Argentina

China revealed today that it detected traces of coronavirus in frozen chicken from southern Brazil and exported to the Asian giant. The news generated worldwide concern and lights a warning light in the Argentina, both about sanitary controls carried out on imported food, as well as the possibility that export activity is further complicated for … Read more

KFC acknowledges that a large part of their chickens are seriously ill –

KFC has (under pressure) recognizes at least 30 percent of the chickens that enter the company nuggets sells in the UK is sick. Many chickens have dermatitis on their legs, which makes walking painful or impossible. KFC proudly reports that 4 years ago more than half of the chickens were sick and now only a … Read more

KFC wished for chickens. He wants to print nuggets in 3D printers

The American fast food chain KFC will include “foods of the future” in its diet. In response to the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle and the higher demand for mass alternatives, it will launch the development of innovative, more environmentally friendly food technologies. “At KFC, we carefully monitor all trends and innovations and try … Read more

The government focuses only on rapeseed, sausages, chickens and donuts, unions complain in Škoda

The issue of the future direction of the Mladá Boleslav carmaker Škoda Auto is addressed by the Škoda trade unions in its weekly Škodovácký odborář. In August, a new Chairman of the Board of Directors is to be elected as the outgoing Bernhard Maier. The metaphorical text speculates whether the new head of the board … Read more